No more food pouches! Use Squeasy Gear instead!

I remember when food pouches came out several years ago and I thought, well isn't that convenient and maybe a little lazy... But they became a life saver when we were on the road constantly running for this activity or that.  Then of course there was a recall because mold was being found in one of the popular brands and it was all over after that.  We saved what pouches we had and just started refilling them.  Do you know how hard those suckers are to refill!?  If you hurry you can pour pudding in those tiny holes but other than that you have to syringe that food in there one shot at a time.  Yea those convenient pouches really were great, they had just become a pain in the neck!

Well recently I came across Squeasy Gear and totally wish I had known about them years ago!  Luckily it's not too late for Baby Kolton!  These suckers are a kick butt alliterative to those pouches!  The bottle is made from 100% food grade silicone and they offer so many different features making them a perfect accessory for on the go!  The silicone also allows the bottles to come completely apart for cleaning so there's no risk of mold growing in the nooks and crannys!

The wide mouth is great for getting everything from baby food, yogurt, to smoothies and shakes in it without a mess.  If you look at just above the neck of the bottle there is a "gear" shaped piece under the drinking cap.  That makes the bottle easy to hold onto to open and shut tight!  Plus there's a hole in it that you can add a Squeasy Strap or a strap of your own to attach to the stroller or diaper bag.  Ever been through the park and get ready to leave and notice your bottle's gone?  Use this hole and attach that sucker to something!  No more lost bottles!

Ok, so my favorite feature on the Squeasy Bottles is the no spill insert.  Yes, these bottles are great for those thick contents like the food pouches but I can also put the no spill insert in place and the bottles can be used for any thin liquid like juice, milk, or water too! And every bottle from the Squeasy Gear website comes with the insert!

Be sure to check out Squeasy Gear at the following links!  As Baby Kolton gets older, we will definitely be ordering more sets!

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