Summer Bucket List for Kids & Families

Summer's almost here and this year I'm determined not to let it slip through my fingers without creating some memories.  I've created a Summer Bucket List to help us stay on track and the best part is most of the activities are FREE!

Sleep in a hammock
Swim in the river
Go Hiking
Read a new book outside
Play a game in the dark- CHECK 
Watch a sunrise
Watch a sunset
Watch a movie outdoors
Pick wildflowers
Ride in a boat
Float down a river
Swim in the river
Grow something edible
Walk on a trail
Watch for shooting stars
Walk barefoot in the sand
Go Fishing- Check

Go Fishing

First time swimming in a pool :)

Play a game in the dark

Places to Go
Visit a new city
Visit a zoo
Visit a farmers Market
Visit a major landmark
Toss Pennies in a fountain
Go to the Drive-in-Movies
Visit an Aquarium
Go to a festival 
Listen to a band outside
Visit a waterfall
Visit a beach
Visit a splash pad
Go to two parks in one day
Play put put
Skip rocks
Visit a waterpark
Stay in a hotel
Go to the movies
Go skating
Visit an orchard

Food and Treats
Make Popsicle's
Make Ice Cream
Make S'mores
Try a new restaurant
Eat from a food truck
Treats from a farmers market
Cook dinner over a campfire
Strawberry Shortcake
Have a BBQ
Go out for ice cream

Other Fun Things to Do
Send a postcard
Do a Summer Craft
Paint a picture
Decorate a shirt
Take 100 pictures
Make a DIY picture frame 

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