Cutest Pairing Speakers- My Audio Pet

Did you guys see these on Good Morning America the other day?  You know the part where they show a couple of really cool products and give everyone a great big discount?!

Well we have been playing with the My Audio Pet's for a couple weeks now and they have been a big hit around here!  We received the Ampedphibian and MoozArt from My Audio Pets.  These are the cutest, tiny, pairing speakers ever!

They come with a USB charger and you can pair them together through Blue Tooth.  Then pair them to your device like phone or tablet.  The kids used both and it was pretty easy switching devices. And they are actually pretty loud with some really decent sound.  I was really surprised when we first turned them on and actually turned them down!

I think their neat because the kids have been using them up in the yard and will place them in different places so that they have the most sound coverage.  Or they would place them on different sides of the trampoline and really jam out!  Plus they could put them on the outside of the trampoline and continue to use them because they have a built-in mic so they have hands-free options!

So far... These speakers are even holding up.  Maybe the rounded design?  I don't know but I've seen them dropped now several times!  My kids are a little reckless so if they can stand up against my clan then they should be good to go!

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