Treats For a Month- Greenies Dental Treats from Chewy

Greenies Dental Treats are one of my favorite treats for Tally girl so when I seen that had a 36 ct variety pack with different flavors I had to get that in my shopping cart ASAP! The variety pack has 3 – 12 oz packs (36 treats total) which is sure to last her all month, even if the kids sneak an extra treat in.

 I didn't know Greenies Dental Treats came in so many different flavors!  This is kinda cool.  The variety pack of course offers the Original and Fresh flavor but there's also Blueberry so we had to get those out and let Tally try them since I've only given her Fresh and Original in the past.  

They're a hit!  She loves them too!  I love the Greenies Dental treats because they take her a little while to chew down. Tally will take her treat off to a corner somewhere quiet and take her time with it.  I like that she's not just gobbeling them up in a couple seconds and then asking for more. 

So what makes Greenies stand out in dental treats?  For me, they are made right up the road in KC which is kinda neat but they really do help Tally with her bad doggie breath!  Oh my gosh I don't know what she gets into in the woods but she usually comes back smelling less than pleasant.  Greenies are made with all natural ingredients, they're easy to digest and the texture/shape really help clean her teeth and maintain healthy gums.  Oh and they smell good! 

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