Build or Boom- A Family Game Night Addition

We've added another game to our Family Game Night box and this time it's Build or Boom from Goliath Games.  This two person game has the kids racing against each other to build their structure before their project is "blown up" by their opponent.

Build or Boom is pretty neat!  I wish there was an option to add additional players but the race is interesting and of course winner can always play the  next person.

The game is super simple but really challenging.  Build or Boom starts off with a blueprint card, then on your stand you build the structure as fast as you can racing against the other player.  The first person to complete the structure on the blueprint card hits their dynamite which is an air-pump that "blows up" the other persons structure.

Build or Boom definitely requires a flat steady surface.  I had to move our table over a couple inches so it didn't wobble while the kids were building, although I kinda found it entertaining when the structures toppled over when I leaned on the table.  Mean Mom, I know... They only had to start over twice....

  I really like that the game encourages some critical thinking and building skills rather than just the roll of a dice.  Build or Boom is super easy to understand, set up, and there are plenty of blueprint cards that have been keeping the kids busy and entertained!

Build or Boom is another great game for the summer break and Family Game Night!  Be sure to check it out at the following links; 

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