Calling out all creativity for SculptaPalooza! + GIVEAWAY

We're calling out all creativity for our new game SculptaPalooza! I can craft, meaning I feel creative most the time right? Holy smokes SculptaPalooza had me second guessing my creativity and everyone laughing as we attempted stay on track and properly play the new game.  
SculptaPalooza is super neat and is a really great game for my group of kids!  Although we have played it with as little as two players, SculptaPalooza can be played by as many people as you have available simply by dividing everyone up into two teams.  I love that because sometimes we really have a house full! 
SculptaPalooza is a hands on sculpting game that encourages creativity and critical thinking.  Each team takes turns rolling the dice which helps pick a category and then sculpting whatever object is listed on that card in that category. 
 Also on the dice is a lightening bolt for a lightening round where the team has just 60 seconds to act out as many clues as possible.  During the lightening round you can sculpt props and move around helping your team to guess the object.  But the cool part of the lightening round is everyone can guess!

SculptaPalooza is adjustable in so many different ways!  While the game was developed for ages 10 and up, SculptaPalooza comes with blank clue cards that you can edit for easier objects or the lightening round cards are also pretty easy.  
Want to make the game go by just a little faster?  Generally the game is played with the team that first gets 20 points wins.  Each correct guess is a point and although they can add up really quick while playing the lightening round the score board is also marked for the first team to pass 10 points.  

SculptaPalooza is a great game for parties, family game night, or just to keep the kids entertained!  I love how adjustable the features are.  The creativity and hands on interaction is great at keeping the kids entertained and the clue cards are never ending!  SculptaPalooza is definitely a favorite here for sure!

Check out SculptaPalooza at the following links and let us know who in your house would love to give their creativity a spin!

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  1. Thanks for this; I'll be sure to share this with my friends who have kids!

  2. It's great that people can still be creative and enjoy games such as SculptaPalooza as a family outside in the nature, instead of just playing video games all day inside. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's an interesting game but I'm not sure about the name of it. I think it could be a lot simpler to say!

    Mel ★ http://meleaglestone.co.uk

  4. What a cool post! My kids are so creative, they would go crazy for this game. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. SculptaPalooza sounds like a fun game. I am pretty sure that my friends who have kids would be happy to know about this game.

  6. This looks like it would be so much fun. My kids would love to do something like this!

  7. this game sounds so creative and entertaining for kids :)

  8. Would LOVE to get this for my niece and nephews, I know they would LOVEEEE this.

  9. I like the SculptaPalooza Game .. I could, along with the kids, play it too. Thank you for giveaway!

  10. Certainly seems like a ton of fun. Rewlly a great way to spark creativity.
    Sculptapalooza even the name sparks creative thinking.. Lol

  11. My grandchildren & I would love playing this, and we need a new game!
    Judy Bradley.