Check out the variety in the June Degustabox

There's a couple subscription boxes that we continue to look forward to each month because of their quality of products, useful selection, and excellent value.  The Degustabox is absolutely one of those boxes as we give them an A+ in all three categories!

 Check out the June Degustabox which had ten different items and everything from black beans and tomatoes to vanilla shortbread cookies and teeth cleaning lollipops. The wide variety of products is what makes Degustabox one of my favorites.  

Of course we have to talk about the sweets first! Walkers Vanilla Shortbread cookies were soft, light, and absolutely the perfect treat before bed. 

The product that surprised me the most was the THAT'S IT Zesty Apple +Mango & Chili Bar.  I never thought I would like a chili flavoring in a fruit bar but it was actually surprisingly good!

Also in the sweets department from Lundberg Family Farms was Cinnamon Sugar Red Rice & Quinoa Chips.  I kinda wish they were a little sweater... I actually looked in the bag to see if all the cinnamon and sugar fell off in shipping.  I probably just had a sweet tooth that day because hubby really liked them. 

And then there's the Zollipops teeth cleaning pops.  Layla and I enjoyed them before bed one night because....  well... candy before bed?  Why not?! Zollipops included 4 lollipops and a coupon for Buy one get one free.  

The true lemon lemon packets are great in a bottle of water but excellent for cooking!  I never manage to have fresh lemon when I need it so these were the perfect replacement and great on some shrimp and scampi.  

Tickle Water included a bottle of watermelon flavored sparkling water.  The watermelon flavor was great even though I'm not generally a fan of sparkling water.  There's your "something different" products for sure!  I love the variety in the Degustabox and how it really allows us to try new products!

  I admit it, it's been a VERY long couple of weeks!  The kids are officially on summer break, hubby and I were sick a couple weeks ago, and this week Baby Kolton's not been feeling well at all.  Needless to say I haven't had the chance to make a true grocery run so the Degustabox meal contents really helped out!  

 My honey makes the "best mac and cheese in the whole world!" said the kids.... Actually it was pretty good!  Like really really good... Enough that we actually ate mac and cheese with the Sazonador Total seasoning on it for dinner one night and it was surprisingly satisfying.  

I also found this recipe for Black Bean Breakfast Burrittos at GOYA to tweek just a tad bit. We used  the GOYA corn Totillas, beans, tomatoes, and some onion in on this one!  Full recipe coming soon! 

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