Meet Kit Kat & see what we did to give her a nutritional boost

I would like to officially introduce you to our newest family member. 

 Meet Kit Kat.  She is right around the same age as Baby Kolton and they have developed the sweetest bond.  That is until she tries to play with his toes.... Silly Kitty... 

Kit Kat is such a playful kitten chasing rocks and attacking the dogs like she's one of them.  Oh she's gonna be a good little mouser when winter hits.  

But like most kittens do, Kit Kat loves milk... Like formula milk.... She's eaten so many stinking bottles she might make me crazy!  Kolton was waking up in the middle of the night to eat.  After he was done eating I would put his bottle on the night stand until morning when I did the dishes.  But they started disappearing and I really thought I was losing my mind.... Even the ones with just water in them.  The nipples had become Kit Kat's favorite toy... UGH!    This one was from this morning!  AFTER I TYPED THIS EVEN!  I sooo know better but I went outside to water the animals and she slipped past me... Anyone need a kitten? 

So when it came time to place our monthly order I ordered Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat ultra soft mousse canned food.  I figured she needed just a little extra boost since she was trying to drink Koltons milk.  

The mousse texture helped ease the transition into solid foods.  I was really surprised at how fast she scarfed down the can of food that I stopped cutting it up for her after the first one. 

The specially developed formula meets nutritional levels established by AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profile and helped build her immune systems natural defenses. It's really important to know that Kit Kat's getting the nutrition she needs to become a strong adult cat.  She is an outside kitty but comes in during the day or when it's super hot out.  Even though she's an outside cat, she's still a very spoiled one and we want to protect her the best we can against nature and  wild animals that may pose to be a threat.  

Mother & Baby Cat by Royal Canin is a great nutritional booster for the kitties and is made right here in Missouri.  

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