Best Party Balloons Ever!

We've been doing quite a bit of online shopping lately trying to get ready for our double birthday party next month.  Maison and Layla share a birthday just a day apart so it's become easier to just kinda combine their party.  In hopes that they won't hate us for it when they're older, we just try to make it as great and grand for them as possible.

There's a couple things we have stored away for the party and these LED Balloons from FunSparks were one of them.... But the curiosity is killing me and these little packages just keep peeping out of the box saying "OPEN ME"....

So.... Friday night when it was just Layla and Baby Kolton home, I decided we couldn't wait any longer!  We got out a couple of the balloons and turned off the lights!

Needless to say my camera doesn't really like dark pictures but look how bright that balloon is!

She had a blast bouncing it around in the dark and then even taking them into complete darkness to play different games like finding her way from one side of the room to the next.  She's such a silly girl but plays so well!

Saturday evening, the balloons were still flickering through the different colors.  I'm really surprised at how long they last.  The package says 24 hours, but by this time we were going on 36 easily.

How do they work?  Unlike most packages of balloons, these are nicely put together so you don't accidentally trigger one of the balloons before your ready.  Each balloon is equipped with a pull card and it's as simple as that.  When your ready for your light show, pull the card and you can either fill with air, helium, or water.

I'm assuming the LED light is wrapped to protect it from popping the balloon, but these balloons are super high quality.  I grabbed one Sunday and tried to bite a tiny hole in it to let all the air out and I actually ended up taking a pair of scissors to it because it didn't "pop" as easily as I would have expected.  That in no way is a complaint because that means they won't be popping seconds after filling them up when the kids go crazy.  HUGE PLUS!

I'll be sure to share more pictures from the party next month.  Layla has the rest of the balloons stashed away for a "dark balloon room" when all her friends come over.  I think these will be a great addition to our decorations and a little party fun! 

 Check out these LED Balloons and what else FunSparks offers at the following links;

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