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It's here! It's here!  The one box that the mail lady actually puts in our mail box and I don't have to drive 10 miles to town to get!  Sure this mighty little Nomadik  box might be pretty compact but yet again it's stuffed with some really cool products!   Hubby's just gonna be mad he was working out of town when it came in because I got first dibs this time instead of him! Gotta love the power to "not share". 

So how's our Nomadik Subscription box this month?  I would love to say I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of products and selection but I know to expect the best Nomadik, so I'm not surprised at all at how cool the selection and products are.  

What's in this months box?  Check out this Gear Aid Elastic Shockcord.  It's 7 feet long and a great addition to our gear bag.  This shockcord is great if you have plans for it and amazing as an emergency back up.  There's no kickback like a bungee cord so in my eyes this would be safer around the kids.  Ever wopped yourself with a bungee cord?  That hurts!  We'll toss this in the gear bag and it can be used to hold extra gear to the bag, or even as a replacement in tent poles.  I'm sure no one's ever broken a tent pole.... And it really sucks to have to replace the entire tent just because of that little black cord that runs through them.  This is a great asset to have for "just in case"!

With school starting up, I couldn't be more thrilled to received Granger's gear cleaner!  My very first thought wen I seen the Granger's products was "oh my goodness this is perfect for Maisons football gear and practice clothes!  The easy to hold spray bottle includes a gear cleaner that's for all clothing and footwear.  This couldn't be more perfect!  I actually made Maison put his shoes outside last night because they smelled so bad.  So we will be testing out this stuff ASAP!  I'll follow up and let you know how it goes and if Maison's allowed to bring his shoes back in the house.  :)  Both the Granger products seen really easy to use.  The spray we spray onto the "affected areas" dirt, and wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Sounds easy enough!

The 2 ounce bottle of clothing wash+ repel is a wash-in product that cleans and waterproofs and is scent free.  This will be perfect in just another month or so when hunting season is here.  Hubbys gonna love it!

DripDrop ORS Dehydration relief is really neat and we'll be getting more of these!  With our Nomadik box we received two packs of this medical grade hydration drink.  The DropDrop drinks have 3 times the electrolytes and half the sugar of regular sports drinks and it's noted that it hydrates you as effectively as an IV.  That's crazy and amazing at the same time!  These are perfect for our little athletes, especially for the football season where some days can get hot humid and unbearable here.  We'll be ordering more of this for sure!

And of course I saved the best for last.  This is MY favorite product in this months Nomadik box.  Gobi Gear has included this lightweight, super compact, water resistant compression pack!  Folded up it's about the size of my cup of coffee, but opened it stands 15 inches tall and 9 inches wide!  Plus there's three different compartments to help keep your items sorted and organized. 

Once stuffed, it has 4 pull down straps that go around the sides and pulls the tops together.  There's also a bungee on top to secure everything inside before sliding the cap over it.  I for one couldn't believe everything that I was able to stuff in it!  For the picture, I just started grabbing stuff out of the clean laundry basket and was able to fit 2 large towels, a pair of shorts and shirt, a fleece baby blanket, 2 receiving blankets, a crib sheet (sorry I told you I grabbed it out of the laundry basket lol) a bib and two hand towels.  And that was just shoved in there.  Just imagine if I took my time and folded it all up nicely! HAHAHA

 Nomadik has done it again. They have sent us an exceptional box that we will be sure to get plenty of use out of!

Nomadik is a monthly subscription box that's great for the outdoors and adventure lover!  In addition to a great subscription box packed full of goodies, they offer monthly challenges for all their customers to participate in.  With the challenges come really awesome prizes!  This month 5 winners will win a Parks Project Bundle valued at $100!  So what are you waiting for get in on the action and visit Nomadik at the following links;

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