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Summer's been crazy this year!  I'm not sure if we just didn't get cold enough to kill all the bugs or what but it seems like the flies are worse than ever!  Up until the last 2 weeks I couldn't hardly sit outside without a million flies all around, which doesn't sound like a big deal until they were landing on Baby Kolton. And even then it was good luck keeping them out of the house!  They sneak in like those pesky Asian Beetles which are getting ready to make their rounds as well.

At first I cringed at the thought of those beetles coming back this fall.  Last year was horrible and I'm still finding them dead in the garage!

Well not this year you little suckers!  We just got our DynaTrap Flying Insect Trap and I tell you what anythings better than walking into a fly trap hanging from the ceiling!  So I figured I'd give it a try.

I'm nothing short of amazed with it so far!  I put ours in the bathroom last night as there's no competing light and I seen a moth in there the other day so I guess I was kinda chasing it down.

 The first thing I noticed was I didn't need the other nightlight anymore as it produces enough light to see our way too and from in the dark. So in with the DynaTrap out with the old nightlight.

In addition the "extra features" there's a USB plug in and a regular outlet plug right in the side.  So you also don't have to worry about the device taking up all your outlet space either.  To me that was going above and beyond a traditional insect trap because they really didn't have to include those features in such a devise but did!  The DynaTrap does stand about 9.5 inches tall so those were smart features to add in there!

 The kit comes with three Sticky Tech replacement cards and they simply slide right into the rails that are behind the attractive light.  The flying insects are then attracted to the light and get stuck.  And of course, when the sticky mat's full, change it!  DynaTrap states that the sticky cards can last 30-60 days but I really think it just depends on how much you leave the doors, windows, ect open allowing the critters in your home.

There's plenty of open space in the back of the DynaTrap that allow the insects to fly on into the trap when the light attracts them and then as they are flying around that light, they fly right onto the sticky pad.

Each DynaTrap comes with it's own registration ID numbers so you can log onto their website and register your devise.  When you do so, creating your account, DynaTrap will send you a FREE AtraktaGlo Replacement Bulb.  Who doesn't like free?

Over the night, and in less than 12 hours our DynaTrap caught several fruit flies and night insects.  Sorry I'm not a bug expert so telling you what all those little suckers are is not even a possibility.  All I know is it's already working and we're looking forward to trying out more DynaTrap products!!

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