Grilling after dark?

It's hard to believe the days are already getting shorter...  And with shorter days, seems to mean more running and evening activities.  Football camp began this morning and the first day of school is next week!  Where did this summer go?  I ask myself that a lot as it seems there's never enough time in the day.

Well here it was again almost 9 at night.  Hubby and I had ran kids around all day but actually had an evening to ourselves.  Well, with Baby Kolton of course! But Kolton doesn't mind if Mommy and Daddy wait until almost 9 at night to eat because by that point, hes usually asleep.

If you've become familiar with us by now, you will notice Hubby likes to grill a lot!  I for one definately don't mind!  I mean who could argue with not heating the house up and him cooking instead of me?  It's great! But like this weekend, sometimes it just gets late and that makes it hard to see the grill.

Cave Tools sent us this BBQ Grill light last week and we were really excited to put it to the test and with these late nights approaching on us, I know we'll be getting a lot of use out of it!

This BBQ Light from Cave Tools was super easy to put together and install on the grill.  The batteries are secured in a screwed compartment but don't worry they include a tiny screw driver, just not the batteries.  *bummer  The light is adjustable and the clamp stays put on the side of the grill with just a turn of the knob.  Then of course, check out these super bright 10 LED bulbs.   They light up our entire grill with no problem!

 The easy swivel head also allows us to move the light and point it towards the table or where we're preparing to put the meat on or off the grill.  Which is really handy.

But... Do you wanna know my favorite feature?  We now have a built in light on our BBQ grill that easily pivets and turns.... right?  I turned that sucker straight up or up towards the house and now I have another light outside that's not going to magically walk off when the boys need it.

The Cave Tools BBQ Light is a great feature to your outside living.  We spend so much time outside, I know we're gonna get a lot of use out of this handy thing.

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Cave Tool Facts: 
DURABLE; Lite It Up is waterproof, fireproof ABS is heat resistant up to 520 degrees so this one will last longer out there. 360 rotation angle to make sure the light is where you need it to be. 50,000 hour rated LEDs means you can use grill light every day without worrying about the life of the bulb.

LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEED; if at any point you are not pleased with your grill light you may return for a full refund. Customer satisfaction is always Our #1priority.

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