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We cook outside a lot! And by "a lot" I mean if it's not raining and we're not racing off to a school or a sports function, dinners on the grill.   And despite my best efforts, hubby goes through utensils like they're going out of style.  And it's not due to the lack of trying... We've tried numerous sets of utensils and they never seem to last due to the flimsy design or wooden handle that no matter how you wash it, always seems to crack after a couple months.   
So after many reviews of the Cave Tools products and seeing how well they withstand use and abuse, we decided to give their Grill Set a chance.  

As usual, they are super quick shipping!  I love it when I place an order it's here in a couple days rather than weeks. And of course yet again, we are thrilled with the design and quality.  
Right away, hubby noticed three things, how thick and beefy the tongs are, the super sharp serrated edges on the spatula, oh and the spatula has a bottle opener built into the design.  The stainless steel is thicker than any set we've ever used for sure!   The extra large tongs are grip really well and are perfect for lifting large pieces of meat off the grill.  They are easy to handle and even come with a clip to hold them closed while not in use. 

Like hubby said, the spatula has a built in bottle opener!  This is so great for when we have family and friends over, no more running back and forth looking for an opener.  

And did you see those serrated edges?!  Yes, they are sharp!  Now he can flip, turn, move, and cut whatever's on the grill without carrying an extra knife outside also.  Maybe with any luck, that means no more lost knives.  I swear when things don't get brought in they walk off into the woods to never be seen again...

Each of these pieces have their own unique qualities and seem to be really well designed.  The fork is also shaped to prevent the meat from falling off and each piece has a leather and metal hanger so you can store them wherever you need to.  

This is a really great BBQ Grill set and we will be adding it to our 2018 Gift Guide coming out soon so watch for it!  

Be sure to check out this Grill Set from Cave Tools and all their other great products at the following links; 

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  1. This is such a good comprehensive review. Very informative! We don't have a garden at the minute so no opportunity to cook outside even if we wanted to but maybe one day we will have a garden perfect for BBQ's!