Kolton's exploring with his new People Toy Company toys

It's kinda crazy to think our sweet baby boy is almost 5 months old....  He's already rolling all over the place, pushing himself from one spot to the next and everything is play play play then right in the mouth!   I love watching him grow as he explores with new shapes, colors, and feels.

It's always fun to watch him explore with new toys and this week Kolton received two from People Toy Company.    The Eddie Rattle and Mochi Teething Plate seem are simple that they're a nice reminder that babies don't need flashy expensive toys to learn and grow.  Both of these toys from People Toy Company are lightweight, and promote growth of fine motor skills and oral motor skills.

Now I know no where on the Mochi package does it say anything about promoting development but look at the texture, the swirls, and the easy to grip hole.  Watching Kolton pick up this thin teething plate and put it directly in his mouth shows me how this is helping him develop these fine motor skills.  The textured bumps are great for soothing sore teething gums too!  But there's one reason we choose Mochi....   The Mochi Teething Plate is made from sustainable rice-plastic and not toxic paints or adhesives.  All of the People Toy Company products in the Mochi series are made like this and as a parent it's comforting knowing my child isn't putting something in his mouth that can hurt him. 

Now Eddie the Educational Rattle seems to be his favorite.  The head bobbles and each of the limbs just slightly wiggle keeping his attention through movement and the sounds.

Eddie the Rattle is full of different colors on each piece and Kolton really enjoy's chewing on the soft plastic, mainly the head.  I really wish I would have snapped a picture the other day when I turned around and he was holding Eddie in his mouth by just his head.  Kolton's definitely at the chewing stage but no pearly whites yet...

 Eddie is easy for Kolton to pick up and hold onto which is important as he develops these motor skills.   Although Eddie looks so simple, I love the different colors and textures on his arms and legs.  Each is it's own color and they're shaped accordingly as limbs but really provide something for Kolton to tug and pull on.  Eddie the Rattle is too cute!

Kolton's having a blast with his new toys from People Toy Company.  Be sure to check them out the following links and let us know which toys we should try next!

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