LazeTowel's a perfect wedding gift for a beach destination honeymoon!

My favorite place in the entire world is a soft sandy beach.  The picture above was from one of my favorite vacations up in northern Michigan.  Isn't it just beautiful! But at the end of the day,  I can't say I really care where these sand filled waters might be.  Either way, the crashing of the waves and the warm sun on my face is absolutely something to be desired.  That's my happy place for sure.

 But with Baby Kolton arriving just a few months ago, we decided to take a year off from traveling and focus on other things, like him of course!!

When I heard that a friend of mine was getting married I knew their gift either needed to be handmade, (remember I craft) or something totally unique that no one else will think of.    They've been together close to 10 years so the standard dinner plate set or silverware isn't gonna cut it.

A beach honeymoon you say?  Hummmm I know just the thing!

Something like these totally awesome LazeTowels!    I thought how cute would this be to get them a matching towel set that they could use during their first few days as husband and wife.

 I had no idea it would come with all these little extras like their own drawstring bags. Nor did I realize how well they were going to be packaged in this nice sturdy box.   I was really expecting a towel to come wrapped in plastic and then in a plastic bubble mailer.  Instead UPS arrived with this HUGE box and these really nicely prepared packages inside.

Even when I was browsing the LazeTowel store, I didn't realize there were so many features to these super sized beach towels.  So needless to say I was surprised when I opened these individual boxes and found so many different items inside.

So we're gonna call these a "towel set" and each set came with the towel (of course), an inflatable pillow that goes in the towel, an extra pillow with a slip cover pillow case, and a drawstring carrying bag.

When the rain finally stopped today, I took our towels outside to give them a final inspection.  We have two of these infinity chairs and when I laid the towel out it completely covered it up! Each towel measures 28x90 inches!  I was completely shocked how big they were!

Then again, if you want to put them in  a beach chair like I did here, they are equiped with buttons on both sides to fold the towel over the chair and then fasten preventing your towel from blowing away or slipping down the chair.   What an genus idea!  I hate it when my towels flop over off the chair right into the sand and then we're covered in sand the rest of the day or you have to shake them off and goodness knows where that sands gonna blow.... It's never pleasant shaking off a towel, that's for sure!

Have you ever tried to roll up another towel for your headrest?  LazeTowel thought of that too with this built in pillow holder.  It zips up easily and provides a secure place for the inflatable pillow to be placed right inside.  No slipping or sliding of the bunched up towel or if you actually tried to take a pillow to the beach you know that slides as well.  My thought with this little space is wouldn't that be a great place to put some extra cash.  If your towel is secured to the chair then there's no one just walking by and swiping it in the blink of an eye.  And surly you would notice someone standing by your chair unzipping your pillow.... It's just a thought, but I would absolutely put a couple bucks in here and not worry about it walking off...

And what about that drawstring bag?  It holds everything in the towel set perfectly!  Plus there's even a little extra room for a swimsuit and a couple of beach necessities like sunscreen of course.

LazeTowel really put together a well thought-out perfect beach towel!  The material is soft and fluffy and they offer several different colors.  We choose the teal and blue as the perfect his and hers set.  They also offer monogramming so they are completely personalize!

Check out LazeTowel at the following links and let us know where your favorite beach destination is!

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