Nail art with Townleygirl- Hello Princess!

It took Layla a couple minutes to admit she wanted our last TownleyGirl package because she's anything but a girly girl.... If you remember there was that bling bling pen, shinny folder, and a couple "girly" items in an Incredibles theme.  But once she did... I knew I had to give this girly girl thing another chance.....

And now we have received our second package from TownleyGirl I was SUPER nervous about giving it to her.... So I took everything out of the Princess packages and put it in this little pot for her.  I told her I wanted to set up a couple little pots like this for her birthday party next month so all the girls could primp and pamper and now she's SO excited. Whewwwwww!

Goodbye Princess packaging- Hello Princess polish and make up! I might be on to something here...
Don't let the pink shirt fool ya either because I never thought she was gonna wear it but it has emoji's on it and apparently that's a thing....

So what did she think?  First thing she did was of course carefully inspect the new colors and decided that she could create some nail art like they "do at the salon".   Great!  And she sure did!  She sat down for about an hour doodling on her fingertips with a toothpick and tiny brushes.

As you can see TownleyGirl offers a large assortment of colorful nail polish for kids.  Not only did we receive a cute Princess Set of polish but TownleyGirl has some other really neat polish sets too. 

The Color Blox polish has three different colors in it that tint the bright fluorescent polish.  It's kinda neat because the more you shake it up the slightly different your shade changes.

Now that Glitter Gal S nail polish is neat!  Until hubby tries putting "s"'s all over your arms.....  What a goof! But seriously, the "S"s are easy to grab and lay on well.  (even on skin....) Needless to say we were all joining in while Layla created some nail art.

Layla also received a Disney Princess Cosmetic Set from TownleyGirl and said it fit in her bag perfectly because it folds up like a fan.  Silly girl!

TownleyGirl offers a huge selection of party favors, stocking stuffers, and has some of the cutest gift collections all in one place!  I love browsing their website and even found a spot for "My Wishlist".  I'm gonna set Layla up on that and she can create a list of her favorite products for us to share with grandparents as the holidays get closer.  I'm not entirely sure that's what it's supposed to be used for but as long as I don't store any cc info she can't do any ordering.

Check out TownleyGirl and all their neat products at the following links.  They even offer gift cards!

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