Our Monthly Pet Treater Box

The whole house get's excited when we see this bright green Pet Treater box arrive! Just look at our fur babies so eagerly waiting for me to take pictures so they can did in!  Short of locking them back in the house to take pictures, I couldn't get them to back up long enough to get any good shots.  And sticking them back inside for a review that involves them just didn't seem fair.  So we went with it!

What's Pet Treater?  Every month, we receive high quality toys, treats, and essentials for our fur babies through a simple Pet Treater subscription.  It's super easy to sign up, personalized for your pet, and you receive 6-8 pet products in your box for $24.99. 

  Pet Treater has proven itself to be one of our favorite subscription boxes and the value of the products we have received always exceeds the cost of the box.  Plus Pet Treater saves us time by having our treats & toys sent right to the house.  

 This month was no different!  All three of our fur babies found something in the Pet Treater box for them. 

Of course we have to talk about the treats first...  Tally and Moxie really enjoyed the Pur Luv Dental sticks.  They didn't smell too bad either.  As soon as I pulled out one of the large dental sticks they took them and ran! Little stinkers....  Tally even turned her butt to me so I couldn't get a great picture... 

Exclusively Dog Fido’s Food Truck-  These were a cute little treat, super small about the size of a thumb nail, made from chickpea flour and potato flour with bacon flavor.  Kit Kat tried climbing in the box as soon as I got it open.  Now let me remind you, the box is very simular to those that carry animal crackers with the circus design?  So imagine my kitty trying to climb into this little box... 

Also included in the treats was the Bowser Beer.  Of course Jeramiah thought it was real flavored beer for dogs....   Teenagers some days, I think they've lost all their common sense!  Actually Tally really enjoyed the Bowser Beer, which hers was the chicken flavored drink for dogs.  *No real alcohol is consumed by our pets.
Of course Kit Kat had to check out the Pur Luv Large Dental sticks but they were too big for her.  We choose to have our box fit Tally's need and she is classified as a large dog.  Besides this box wasn't for the nosey cat anyways!  Both Tally and Moxie took their Dental sticks and ran!  Like we were gonna steal them back.... Silly dogs, I guess they didn't want to share. 
Each month so far, we have also received a Cookie from Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations.  They are always so cute decorated with a seasonal design and I really love the fact that Pet Treater has paired up with this sweet small company and their fresh treats.   

I usually split the cookie up between Tally and Moxie and they both always enjoy it. 

GNC Dog Essentials Insect Repellent Wipes are based on essential oils to prevent flea and tick bites.  Each of the pets get a good wipe down with these every couple of days and we have noticed a decline in the amount of ticks we're pulling off Moxie. She loves the woods and the woods love her but so do the bugs.... 

Alright, now how about a little fun! The Pet Treater toys we have received so far have all stood up against the test of time.  We even have one from a few months ago that our pig still tosses around.  It's a little dirty but still in great shape!  So we weren't surprised to find two more heavy duty toys in our Pet Treater box this month. 
The Bow Wow Pet Cool Penguin toy is cute enough the boys tried giving it to Baby Kolton... Oh my goodness... That was a quick diversion and a "your baby brother is not a puppy" speech.... But it is cute and the squeaker isn't too annoying as it's a little quieter than most. This will be a good toy for Tally and Moxie.  
That pink ball above is the PetProjekt Dogbal which didn't come with any packaging but is pretty self explanatory right? It's a dog... for dogs.... Our's don't really play fetch that much, mainly because I think their too lazy so this Dogbal will take a visit to the neighbors German Shepard who loves playing fetch and is still pretty much a puppy.  I'll let you know later how it holds up against that chewing fur baby.
Pet Treater did it again!  We love them and how much they love us!

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