What's inside our August Degustabox

Our Degustabox arrived a couple days ago and while I realize I failed to capture the logo on the box for a "great" branding pic I wanted to show you just how full it was when I opened it!  I just kept pulling more and more yummy items out of this box.   I know it's not likely that this is the biggest box they've sent out but I was really surprised at how many products were included this month!  

Degustabox includes a little bit of everything in their monthly subscription box and the retail value far exceeds the $19.99 cost!  I love receiving this box every month because it gives us the opportunity to try new foods and treats that I wouldn't have picked up in our grocery store had I not.  

Maybe I've been living under a rock for the last couple years, or on a back road somewhere.... who knows haha! But did you know Post had Frosted Chocolate Strawberry cereal?  Like seriously... just think of chocolate covered strawberries with a glass of milk and how can you go wrong?!   

This is also the first week of school here, so these Breakfast Biscuits from Colombina arrived just in time.  The box had 6 individually wrapped sets of Mixed Berries Breakfast Biscuits and they were great for the kids to grab on the way out the door.  Plus they are way more healthy than the traditional pastry because these contain probiotics and vitamin A.  What a great way to start the morning for these growing kids!

With every box, Degustabox includes a flyer that tells a little bit about each product, where to get it, and the cost.  They also opperate on themes and August is a Camp-out Box.  But I have to say it couldn't have been better timing than to receive this during the same week school started!  

 Sahale Snacks included a pack of Maple Pecans Glazed Mix and I was incredibly impressed with this little treat!  The flavors were sweet but not overbearing and the mix of pecans, walnuts, apples, and cherries was amazing!  I will be looking for these in the future.  They were just too good not to order more! 

Now the Pork Bar from Country Archer Jerky Co. really just wasn't for me.  The flavor was great but the texture was soft and I'm not a fan of soft jerky, even the chunky bites from the big named companies.  Jerkey is probably one of the few things that the texture needs to be just right or I really don't enjoy it.  But on the other note, Maison did.  So it's just a matter of opinion.  Maison also ate the PR Bar which is an excellent source of vitamins and carbs which are great for him as an afternoon snack before football.  

This month's drinks?  Ready Nutrition included an all natural protein water (in grapefruit flavor) which was surprisingly not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Grapefruit is an aquired taste it really is and I've never been able to choke it down but this water was really light and not bitter.  The Ready Nutrition water includes 5g of electrolytes and no sugar or other artificial ingredients.  

But that High Brew Cold Coffee was my favorite!  I'm an avid coffee drinker, mainly because without it I'm an avid bear! The high brew coffee is derived from Arabica beans that are slowly cold brewed, not hot. And the flavor shines through this slower process because there's 2x the natural caffeine and lower acidity than traditional hot brew.  

And as always, the snacks!  This month, Degustabox included what I would call a traditional selection of stadium nacho chips, pop-corn, and sour cream and onion chips.  Those are snacks that we do frequently purchase but the brands were new to us.  

The Bravos Stadium Nacho tortilla chips were from Wise Snack.  Oddly enough, they actually tasted like stadium nachos.  I mean I was expecting something close but not right on the dot.  They were pretty good!  

 Popcorn, Indiana sent along one of their original bags of popcorn and despite actually not being hungry I wanted to give it a try last night.  I ate a couple handfuls and rolled the edges of the bag back up.  When I opened it tonight (of course after the kids went to bed) the popcorn was still crispy, fresh, and tasted like it was straight from the theater.  I can't even say home made popcorn stays that fresh! What a treat now that I'm actually in the mood for some!
And last but absolutely not least, another snack we will look for in our local stores, The Good Crisp Company Sour Cream and onion chips.  Certified gluten-free, no GMO, no artificial flavors, but still all the flavors and our traditional canned chips.  I feel like these are just a little thicker, but I could be losing my marbles. The flavors are great either way!  Jeramiah, Maison and I all enjoyed these after dinner! Yum!!!   

The August Degustabox was super packed again! I love this monthly subscription box just for the opportunity to find new foods that are a little better for my family.  

Thank you Degustabox for bringing quality foods to our homes! I wouldn't have found these without you!

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