Construction Themed Bedding

So many vibrant colors and shapes!  Kolton is loving these sheets from Thread Nebula!  

I ordered these sheets off Amazon a couple weeks ago for the spare bed when we have kiddos spend the night. I thought how much fun is this construction sheet set and wouldn't it be perfect to help the kids wanna tuck into bed? Fun sheets are always great for helping get the kiddos in bed when they're spending the night away from home and these will do just the trick! 

This cotton sheet set includes a the fitted and flat sheets, and 1 pillowcase.  The construction scene has vibrant colors and several different patterns and scenes through the set. 

I brought the flat sheet outside to get some pictures because the lighting in our house isn't very good.  And as I was laying it out, Kolton was just watching and watching so I decided to lay him down on it to play for a little while. 

It was so cute watching him pull himself to the different trucks and construction scenes trying to figure out why they wouldn't come off the sheet. 

 This is a great sheet set for the kiddos!  Especially if you have a little man who is transitioning into a big boy bed or spending the night away from home. The construction theme coordinates well through the whole set and this will be perfect when the kiddos come to spend the night! Oh I love this fun set!  

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