Keep the ball in the Pool with Watermelon Ball Jr

Ya know.... I really really wish I could complain about the weather but the truth of it is I'm rather enjoying the last couple of rainy weeks. We went all summer with hardly any rain and a State of Emergency was issued for Missouri farmers.  Don't get me wrong, I rather enjoy the sunshine but I totally love the cooler temps when we can get out and do more.   

And with the seasons changing, that means clearance shopping!  What have I been shopping for in my local stores?  Outside toys of course!  With the cooler temps, we will be outside nearly every evening with the kids.  Plus Christmas is right around the corner.  I bought Thomas the Train sets, a Pirate Pool, and an entire volleyball yard set all for just $5 bucks each.  I love the end of summer sales!  And yes, of course I totally let Kolton swim in his Pirate Pool already.... I just couldn't help it! Look at that sweet face!  He loved it!

Another toy the kids are finally getting to play with is this Watermelon Ball Jr from PlaSmart.  We received this during the middle of August and the kids were either gone from the house or it was raining....  As a matter a fact, it was beautiful all day and as soon as it came time for the kids to get home today.... rain... Which is actually rather disappointing because I wish the kids had more summer to play with this one!  

The Watermelon Ball Jr is neutrally buoyant because you use the included ball needle to fill it up with water straight from the hose so it acts and feels like a real watermelon in the water, well, and out of the water too actually...  

So what's so cool about playing with a watermelon in the pool?  You can dribble, kick, and even pass the ball underwater!!!  It provides an  incredible work out and the kids don't even know it!

I have to admit, I have always taken the balls away when the kids are playing in the pool.  They play catch or see if they can splash each other with the balls and usually have a lot of fun.  BUT balls fly out of the pool.... and that leads to in and out, in and out, in and out.... If your a pool owner you know what I'm talking about and you know how fast that can fill the water up with grass and dirt. 

My personal favorite quality about the Jr. Watermelon Ball is that it actually stays in the pool! It's mainly the buoyancy that keeps the kids encouraged to play with it under the water and that really REALLY helps! As much as they were tossing it around this weekend, I don't recall ever seeing it actually land out of the pool.  As a matter a fact... it's still in the pool because they didn't pick up their toys when they were done... Ugh.... 

Oh and one more little secret.... Out of water, it's heavy like a medicine ball which is also really great for out of water work outs! 

We will definitely be getting a couple more Watermelon Balls from PlaSmart! Check out the Watermelon Ball Jr for yourself at the following links
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