New fall styles with Nadine West

Soon the leaves will be changing and the days of tank tops in the sun will be long gone.   Oh how I love my tank tops....  So it's time to do a little fall fashion shopping!

But as it stands, I haven't been getting out much.  So shopping from home is way easier!!! I mean sure shopping through the clothing racks with a 5 month old in a stroller all day to find a couple cute outfits sounds like a ton of fun right? No.... Not for me either.  So I'll say it again, shopping from home is way easier!  Luckily I have found a couple new favorite clothing sites and one of those is Nadine West.

 Nadine West is a monthly subscription service that provides totally affordable outfits straight to your door based on your style profile you fill out when enrolling.  Oh, and that style profile is actually adjustable later too.  Actually, I received e-mails after I signed up that encouraged me to double check my style preferences.  Then since receiving my order, I received another e-mail checking to make sure everything was just as great as I had hopped.  Top notch customer service!

In my monthly box, I received two super cute outfits which are great for Missouri Fall weather.  Sunny and beautiful one minute and cold/ rainy the next.

The hippie chic shirts are  really soft and a little forgiving.  (I'm still working on that baby weight....)  They are also conceal very well but are lightweight enough that the 3/4 sleeves on the red shirt are not overbearing and hot.  Check out that criss-cross design on the arms as well!  It's so cute!!!

I've had my ears pierced since I was a baby... And that can lead to holes being a little stretched out now that I'm an adult so I don't wear a lot of dangling earrings because I have just decided I don't like the way they look in my holes.  These earrings were perfect for covering up where the stud goes through!  I will definitely be wearing these a lot!

So I obviously love my shirts that Nadine West picked out but what about those pants... Well remember I said I'm still working on that baby weight?  Oh fortunately or unfortunately however you wanna look at it, the pants Nadine West picked out in this months box are also stretchy.  But stretchy is comfy and comfy is a necessity when you have a 5 month old....

I was really impressed with the leggins from from New Mix.  They are also incredibly soft, lightweight, and comfy.  The first time I had them on, hubby even noticed right away how soft they are.  As crazy as it sounds, after several wears and washes, they are still holding their shape and you can't see through them.  That should be a normal right?  I wish!  Leggins can be so cheaply made sometimes it's hard to find a quality pair like these.  I'll definitely be checking out what else New Mix has to offer.

The black Ultimate Stretch Jeans from Active USA are something to be desired.  (Just gota lose a couple more pounds).  They are 74% Raylon and 22% Nylon so they are super sleek, really comfy, and will pair nicely with both shirts from the package or a nice dress shirt and heels.  These fit, but didn't fit great and that's my own fault because  I'm still trying to find my size after having baby Kolton.   My package from Nadine West included a return shipping label so I can send them back but I'm afraid if I order a bigger pair they only fit for a short time so I'm sticking with these because I want to get a lot of use out of them!

Oh I really do love all the products from Nadine West!  Their style quiz only took a couple minutes to fill out and is always adjustable!  Returns are free so there's no risk involved what so ever.  Nadine West is perfect for anyone who just doesn't really have the time to shop or would rather not make the dreaded trips to the dressing rooms.

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  1. I love tank tops and rarely wear tshirts. Packing my summer clothes away always makes me sad.

  2. Looks like you got some really cute outfits. Since I too live in MO I can relate to the ever changing weather, warm one day and cool the next!

  3. Looks awesome, love Nadine West!