Mom wear with Vida Leche Amor

A few months ago, I was browsing online for some new fall clothes and came across Vida Leche Amor.  Their clothing line is "fashion for breastfeeding and beyond" and I have actually had the opportunity to wear this cute dress, "Charleigh" a couple of times already.  After several wears and washes, Charleigh is holding up great and is as good as new!  I love it when clothes actually hold up against everyday living!

I have to admit, I totally under estimated the quality of this dress when I ordered it!  Right out of the package, I noticed the sweater like material is well made and super soft.  Although the dress is made in the breastfeeding style, it was also really easy to put on.  What do I mean by "breastfeeding style"? Nursing shirts generally include layers upon layers that can sometimes be a hassle to untangle, realign, and get on straight.  This was not the case with Charleigh!

Charleigh is made to help breastfeeding moms feed discreetly and still look totally cute! The empire belt easily lifts up to revel two perfectly placed slits in the under-layer with easy nursing access.  Charleigh is definitely made to keep you cozy and comfy!

The grey arrow print is perfect for fall!  I added a splash of color with some dark lipstick, threw my hair up in a sock bun, and was ready to head out the door.  It just can't get any easier than that! Check out the bandanna neck with the simple yet elegant black buttons. 

     Sorry folks, it's just hard to take pictures by myself, of myself in some of these outfits.  But today, the kids are home from school so I have a couple extra sets of hands to help with Kolton and the camera.

Charleigh is a great dress for casual days, work, or a special event.  I've worn it once with my tall boots, and again with a pair of black leggings and fancy sandals.  There's just so many ways to dress up this dress or dress down for a casual day around town.  You really can't go wrong!

Vida Leche Amor really surprised me.  There's a lot of fashion outlets to shop from in mom mode or not and they are great for both occasions!  I'm super impressed with the quality of their clothing, and the comfort.  I don't think I could chase around my 6th month old in something that wasn't comfy and as I said before, I've had the opportunity to wear this dress a couple of times and love it each and every time!

Check out Vida Leche Amor for yourself at the following links and let us know which style interest you!

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