Signing Machine MOOD Kids for our littles

A couple weeks ago I got to tell you about a really awesome Karaoke Singing Machine, The Fiesta Plus.  It's perfect for outdoor parties with incredible sound!  It's rechargeable, that's right no extension cords needed, and just a really great sound system for whatever your music needs!  But, with all that being said, I really rather not let the kids use it 24 x 7 like they want to.... It's a great system and it's something we want to take care of.  The kids are a little reckless to say the least...  

Our Fiesta Plus came from Singing Machine and they have a great selection of Karaoke machines.  Last year we purchased the one from them for Layla, with Disco Lights and it plays CDs.  The kids used it all the time for everything from rapping some Eminem, (that's a show for sure), to playing the sound to their outdoor movies!  The unit we got Layla from Signing Machine has been put through a year of kid torture and is holding up great!   (Plus it's been left outside more times than I can count and even in the rain at least once.... These are tough little machines for sure!    I love that we got to upgrade with a brand that we've already come to love!   

But we also have the little cousins, and Kolton of course in a year or so, who aren't really ready for a unit with a ton of different features and options but love to carry on like the big kids.  This Kids mood from Singing Machine is sooooooo perfect for that!  It couldn't be any easier to use with just a couple easy to press buttons.  

The mood comes with one mic, but there's a holder for a second if you wish to purchase one and both holders slide in and out of place for easy storage.  We saved our box and the whole unit fit right back in and it sits nicely on Laylas closet shelf.

I really like that we can set the kids mood up to different music apps through the blue tooth feature or we can use a auxiliary cord. So although this is a "kids" karaoke unit, there's still unlimited options for music.   Plus, like the other Singing Machine Products, this is a great little speaker with exceptional quality!   Here I caught Layla using it for music around her camp fire.  And then, I made Jeramiah sign me a song.

The kids had fun adjusting the echo sound effect, one of the age appropriate features the mood offers so it's not too technical for the littles but still offers some fun creative features.

Singing Machine products are a hit in this house, and with all our family and friends.  We have had such a blast exploring the products with this company and not even only recently.  Singing Machine is a product name in our home that will be here for years to come.  We are a music loving family and they offer just the right equipment for every music lover!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I'll be getting one for my kids for Christmas! Thanks!