A Spooky Pet Treater Box

Month after month we have so much fun with our Pet Treater Subscription box!  If you have fur babies at home you have to head over to their Website and check them out!  Pet Treater has subscription boxes for both dogs and cats, only $24.99 a month and every month we have been thrilled with the great selection of treats, toys, and even accessories!

Our favorite thing about the Pet Treater dog box is that there's always enough to share!  Moxi and Tally are rather lazy and don't really play with toys much.  Honestly, I know they're just getting older and that's a part of it but it's a little easier to just pretend they're lazy and not old.  The big kids have so much fun taking the toys over to the neighbors house and giving this beautiful puppy one heck of a work out!  (Shhhh it really is the "puppy" getting the work out I promise!)  All three kiddos came home pooped and ready for bed!

We subscribe to the "Large breed" box, so these toys are great for Sport!  His daddy though says only the rubber ones hold up against this mean lean tuggin machine!  And I actually have a video somewhere of Jeramiah being pulled by the creepy crawly skull toy!

I couldn't get any of the dogs to put the scarf on.  But I don't ever put clothes or outfits on them so they really just looked at me like I was a goof ball when I tried....

Every month we have received an Emmy's Gourmet Canine Creations Cookie.  They are always so festive, usually to either match a theme of the box or the closes holiday.  Take a look at the perfect October Treat, a Candy Corn! The girls really do pretty good about sharing this cookie every month.  It's always been big enough that I've been able to give them half and they run off for a couple minutes to gobble it all up. They have really come to know their pretty Pet Treater box is full of goodies and I can't say they're too patient about it either...

Two other treats we received this month is Spooky Pooch Bacon Recipe Dog Treats from Healthy Dogma, and Mimal Cheese Puff Dog treats.  I have been giving Moxi the Spooky Pooch treats like they are going out of style!  They are the perfect size, (about the size of a quarter) to reward her for sitting next to Kolton and keeping him company, (like right now while I type this up).  Moxi plays with Baby Kolton for a few letting him roll, pinch, and pull and I give her treats.  Baby Kolton loves his Moxi puppy and she loves him!

Now both girls tried the cheese puff treats but they were just too hard for them to break up.  Both Moxi and Tally struggled to break them up so we took them away and will be sending them off for another puppy to enjoy. (Again we love to share!)

Ahhhh and a necessity.... White Lites le salon Dog Shampoo!  The scent is very light but refreshing and left Moxi girl smelling great!  Sorry folks, pictures while bathing a dog is like stepping in the middle of a hurricane with a brand new camera... Nope not happening and she ran off faster than I could chase her by the time we were done.  But none the less, THANK YOU Pet Treater!  Great thinking!!

Oh Pet Treater, you've done it again!  Another great month of perfect treats, great toys, and a box full of goodies!

This month we received 7 Pet Treater hand selected items.  That comes to $3.57 an item.  If your a large dog owner, you know toys that hold up are expensive!  How can you beat $3.57?  Plus check out this coupon code!

Coupon: PT-5OFF     Save $5 off first box!

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