Movie Night with Degusta Box

Wow this month has flown by!  Hasn't it?  I've been so busy with the flea market sales I told you about a few weeks ago and now the holidays are here and the personalized orders are rolling in faster than I can keep up!  Of course it doesn't hurt that Kolton has finally cut two teeth, (I thought they would never break through) and he really REALLY wants his momma.....  As a matter a fact, I'm sitting here on the floor with him as we speak because pretty much I'm not allowed to go much further.  I know, I'll pay the price for this later....

But with all that being said, I haven't had much time for anything lately! And that includes grocery shopping.... Ugh it's been so cold and Kolton's already had an ear infection and can't seem to kick the runny nose.  I hate taking him out and about and I hate the grocery store even more.... I do have a small solution to this though...  Every month since we've enrolled in the Degustabox program, we've been able to count on them for a delicious box full of goodies, both treats and a couple meal components.  And a lot of times, they are new products that we've come to love and continue to purchase (when I drag myself to the grocery store that is...)

So what's in the November Deugstabox? Well with all these goodies, it definitely didn't last long, that's for sure!  Right away I found the Grand Belgian Specialties pralines.  Oh they were so good!  Very rich and full of flavor and they definitely go a long ways.  Hubby opened the box to a couple half eaten ones ;) woops!  Aren't they so pretty though!   

There were plenty of sweets in the November Degusta Box, after all the theme this month was Movie Night!  Of course we saved the Mini Panettone for breakfast with coffee and it paired perfectly!  Person Candy Company included some Mint Patties and Coconut Patties and they were a great snack to throw in the car!  I can't really recall a month of Degusta Box where there wasn't chocolate so A+ for Degusta Box!

But what's a movie without popcorn?  Popcorn, Indiana has this incredible black and white drizzle corn, with super rich dark chocolate and very creamy white chocolate drizzled all over super perfectly sweetened kettle corn.  I really have to go look and see if they have this in gift containers because the drizzlecorn was AMAZING!  I can't even say PopCorners had a fair shot with their kettle corn chips compared to the drizzlecorn.  But if your looking for something light and sweet I would definately pick up a bag of their Kettle Corn chips again!

Bush's Best also included Black Bean bean dip for those chip lovers out there! Plus Wholesome Goodness has a tuxedo mix of yogurt covered raisins and peanuts with chocolate cogered soy nuts and infused roasted peanuts!  There was so much flavor packed in a little snack bag!  Wholesome Goodness will be another diaper bag snack for sure!

Chickapea Mac & Cheese was something new for me.  I know it's great for people with food allergies but the gluen-free chickpea lentil pasta wasn't too bad!

I haven't had the opportunity to try the nutiva coconut oil yet.  I love coconut oil though, I just wish there just a little more in the pack to give it a good test. Oh well, maybe next time.

I love our Degusta Box subscription!  Each month there's a huge variety and it's kinda fun to see the surprise.  We almost always enjoy everything in our box or at least someone in the house will so we definitely get to use everything that's sent!  And Degusta Box has saved the day more than once with the easy dinner items!

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