Easiest Pet Gifts Ever & a Pet Treater Coupon!


If you haven't had the opportunity to check out Pet Treater yet, your missing out!  They made the holidays a breeze for our fur babies because I didn't have to plan a thing!  Every month, we receive a pretty incredible selection of toys, accessories, treats, and a even a couple of unexpected items.  Our Pet Treater box surprises me month after month at the great quality of products and of course the saves me a trip to the pet store.  What can be better than that?

So how did Tally and Moxi make out for Christmas?  With no effort here, they got new toys, a new bandanna, some great treats, and even a first aid kit!  Who knew?!

Our favorite pet bakery, Emmy's Gourmet Canine Creations included two totally cute Christmas Tree cookies this month.  That's great for us because usually the girls share so this month they each got their own.  I never have to buy treats at the store anymore thanks to our Pet Treater Box. YAY! 

Now the Apple Wrapped chicken treats from Loving Pets didn't really look that great, but the girls loved them so what do I know?  Soy free, gluten free, and wheat free, they are perfect for pets with sensitive digestive systems and again, the girls loved them! 

 But I also have to tell you about that Puppy Scoops ice cream!   I love that it's shelf stable for when we're ready to make it.  No storage in the freezer only to forget about it later.  The peppermint flavored ice cream was a hit and super easy to make.  Add a little water, give a little stir, and pop it in the freezer.  Pet Treater is all about convenience and with little Mr. Kolton always at my toes, I need it! 

We can't forget about the toys of course!  The Holiday themed Knotted Barrel Rope seems durable and pretty tough!  Pet Treater does a great job at including high quality toys every month and all around our neighborhood we have a great selection of toys that were hand selected and still holding up great.  (Yes, we share)  The  Holiday Pixel Monkey dog toy was a super cute and a great stocking stuffer!  

We also received another cute bandanna this month!  "Feliz Naughty Dog"- isn't that cute?!  I have noticed that after they're washed, they are incredibly soft and lay much nicer on Moxi when I put them on her.  A little swag for these chilly days goes a long ways.  

Now what's a package in the mail during the holidays if it doesn't include a little something for everyone?  These Artlist Collection The Dog Playing cards are too cute and will make family game night a little more interesting.  So many cute designs, I'm gonna have to hide these from the kids!

The most surprising item in our Pet Treater box this month?  The First Aid Kit.  I had no idea such a thing existed!  This thing is packed full too with everything from gloves, an emergency blanket, to a tick remover!  How cool is that?  

Pet Treater has saved the day and made gift giving for our fur babies effortless!  I don't have a lot of spare time lately and thanks to Pet Treater, I was able to stick a couple of gifts under the tree for the girls without giving it a second thought!  Thank you Pet Treater for making being a pet owner that much easier! 

So I'll say it again, if you haven't had the opportunity to check out Pet Treater head on over to their website and see what they're all about!  Plus don't forget to save $5 off your first box with the code below!

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