Aerobie Skylighter Flying Disc

You will never hear me complaining about giving the boys a new toy that keeps them busy while I get some work done.  So as soon as homework was completed yesterday I gave the boys their new Aerobie Skylighter Flying Disc. 

Jeramiah and Maison love playing Frisbee but this was the icing on the cake with the soft rubber edges it was easy for them to both throw and catch.  I will only tell you as my readers that after I finished catching up on e-mails, I spent a little time with them playing as well.  The Aerobie Skylighter Flying Disc was perfect for all of us!

Now why is it called a Skylighter?  Because the design is built in with LED lights that brightly illuminate allowing great night play!  We had a meeting in town last night and luckily we remembered the Aerobie Skylighter because it kept the boys busy outside and was the smoothest meeting we have had in a long time without interruptions.  PERFECT!!!

We love the Aerobie Skylighter Flying Disc and I can’t wait until it warms up some more so the kids can spend more time outside playing with it, especially at night.  The night use was really neat!

Want one for yourself?  Win one here and tell Aerobie THANKS!!!

Retails for: $14.99  Available in sporting goods stores nationwide.

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  1. Frisbee in the dark?! Who wouldn't love that?

  2. I good excuse for an after dark outddor activity

  3. We have a lot of summer parties, this would be great for once the sun goes down

  4. Great summer night family fun!

    Brenda W

  5. I would love to get this for my kids! There love playing frisbee as well as the rest of the family. We are always outside in the summer after dark and this would be great to keep us from losing it when the sun goes down!!

  6. I just think this would be a great toy to have for our family. I would love to have it during a campout during the summer or fall this year.

  7. I think my 2 yr old and hubby would have a blast

  8. The kids enjoy being outdoors when the weather is warmer. They love to try out new things

  9. My hubby and me love being active outside ans=d this would be a nice change to playing soccer