Shooshoos Baby Shoes

Have you guys heard of Shooshoos? I hadn’t until I was doing some shoe shopping for baby shoes for a baby shower gift for a friend who is expecting in May, but I am so glad I came across their site!

The baby shoes that I ordered are made of all natural leather! Yes I said leather, meaning they are soft, flexible and totally comfy for your little one! I know it’s hard enough to keep shoes on a baby and that’s why I choose shooshoos baby shoes. After all if you had pudgy cute little feet would you want them crammed into something stiff, flat, and hard? Of course not! That’s why Shooshoos are perfect because these will not smoosh those adorable tiny toes. 

So how do they stay on? The ankles are very gently elasticized. There are no laces and no cramming to get baby feet in. This makes mommy and daddy’s job a lot easier! For you veteran parents, how many shoes have you lost while walking through the mall or grocery store? These baby shoes will help prevent that for the new mom I am giving them to!

Why do I love Shoosoos so much, I mean really, I’m not the one having the baby here you guys are! These are another really great gift, I even wish I had found these when Aly was on the way! With the soft sole, elasticized ankle, and terribly cute design how can you go wrong? They even come in this really cute plastic bag. I added a flower and some tissue paper and they became a gift all in themselves.

Shoosoos is officially our go to place for baby shoes, these are just to sweet! While you're there, use coupon code "30off"  to get 30% off!!

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  1. These are so cute. This would make a great gift for a baby shower. Great Review. I will keep these in mind!

  2. Adorable shoes! They look like a great shower gift for an expectant mom!

  3. These shoes are adorable! I love them! Would be perfect for any fashionista in the making!

  4. i LOVE the black and yellow sports and the white newborn shoes

  5. I need to check these out for the new baby due any day, so adorable!

  6. Love your blog! I thought I had seen all the baby shoes available for my little girl, appears not! Those are beautiful!