Pretty or not, shoes are shoes.  Some we have to wear without a choice and others we choose to wear to complete a style.  Regardless of which it is most shoes come with a price and that is generally sore feet.

Foot Kinetics has developed four different cream type solutions to prevent such results.  There is HikeGoo, RunGoo, SilkGoo and the one I had the honor to try WalkGoo. 

WalkGoo did just the trick for me at work in the field and in the office.  WalkGoo provided a protective coating on m feet that not only softened them just as described but I was able to go day after day switching from work boots to high heels without skipping a beat. 

At first I was a little nervous and a little queasy about putting my socks on over this white goo all over my feet… But I tell you what, it was completely worth it because at the end of the day I wasn’t dying to take my shoes off and my feet felt great! 

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  1. I tend to get blisters on some of my long runs, so this would be great!

  2. This sounds like a awesome product!

  3. This sounds neat! Would love to try!

  4. My feet are constantly dry and cracking from wearing shoes. I would love to try WalkGoo for my ugly heels and cracked feet, so that I can walk in my favorite shoes again without them hurting my feet! This sounds like a perfect solution for them.