Soap & Paper Factory

I think I should run a “Show me your stash” contest for perfume! I love my lotions and

perfumes and get pathetically excited every time I find a new scent.  It’s so bad, that on days I can’t make up my mind which one to wear and I will put on two or even three different perfumes!  Oh well, hubby hasn’t taken them away yet so I guess I can keep adding right?

Well this week I have had the opportunity to enjoy Jasmine Solid Perfume by Soap and Paper Factory.  I have wanted to try their products for a while but I had no idea they had Solid Perfume. 

I love the jar it comes in because it fits in my purse without being super bulky and in the way.  Plus it’s easy to open and mess free! That’s great for me because I am a pretty clumsy person and tend to make a mess out of everything!  Plus the artwork on the jar is one of a kind and truly beautiful.

The Jasmine scent is long lasting and the salve leaves a clean feeling unlike other solid perfumes.  I have to say this solid perfume is a score for sure!

I am going to add Soap and Paper Factory products to our Mothers Day Gift guide because every mom deserves something so sweet this year.  Soap and Paper Factory has created a unique blend of products perfect for pampering.

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