Simone France

Over the last several months I have really had the opportunity to put into place a new skin care routine. Simone France has been an opportunity unlike anything I have ever tried before.  The “The unusual cleansing method has been featured in Vogue magazine and I have a complete 100% understanding as to what makes it so miraculous. 

First I was directed to complete a Sin Diagnosis (click herefor yours).  During this process, Simone France was able to direct me to the exact products that were right for me.  But rather than just saying “buy this” they told me why each product was specifically chosen for me and then how it works.    My one-on-one skin care consultation was amazing and really gave me a complete and better understanding of why I needed to use specific products and how. 

The Sandwich Morning Spa Facial is just amazing! For my skin tone I was instructed to use Light Moisturizer, Refining Scrub, Soap, and all with the Signature Cleansing Cloths.  The Moisturizer is amazing because it leaves my skin with the absolute perfect amount of softness without leave behind an oily residue.  The Refining Scrub is more than just your normal refining scrub.  The granules melt away with a little water and with the Sandwich method, the scrub provided the deepest pore cleansing sensation I have ever experienced. 

We have all used different soaps to wash our face and believe me I was more than skeptical when I received a bar soap to use on my face.  But the Simone France facial soap proved to be one of a kind in a cleansing experience.  I have battled break outs all my life, and after religiously using these products as directed from my consultation, I have noticed a remarkable difference. 

Another Simone France product I had the opportunity to try is the French Clay Mask which calms sensitivity, absorbs excess facial oils, and really proved refine and tightens pores.  The blemish erase was also an excellent spot treatment.  The most surprising thing about the blemisherase is the soft cream did not dry out my skin or flake off after application.  It was a perfect blend of treatment without the harsh effects of most blemish cream. 

Last but far from least is the Gentle Toner.  I have never understood the use of toner because I have never found one effective to where I could see and feel the results.  We can wash and wash and wash away dirt and grime but just in case, the toner will sweep away any of the slightest traces of excess oils and impurities.  This is also a wonderful mid-day skin refresher. 

I am a life time user of the Simone France Products.  They are not only effective, but the guidance and company alone is unlike anything I have ever tried.  If you have the desire for improved skin care, occasional impurity or battle breakouts like I do, you must check them out at the following links.
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers.


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