Dimples BBQ On & Off the Grill

Ahhhh we love to BBQ especially when it’s warm out because I hate cooking in the kitchen and heating the whole house up just to make dinner.  Last night we made Beer Can Chicken which is super easy…. Only we topped it off with Dimples BBQ sauce and it really made it one of a kind.

I’m not a big spicy fan so this was perfect for me and all the kids because it’s more sweet than spicy.  It also glazed over the chicken perfectly sealing in the juices and perfecting the flavor. 

What I like most about Dimples BBQ Sauce is it’s great for dipping.  With the tomato and vinegar mixture this is a great sauce for kids.  Mr. Maison loved it on his chicken nuggets and he doesn’t generally use BBQ sauce on nuggets so this was a win for sure!

Dimples BBQ Sauce is one of a kind so be sure to check them out at the following links and use code "AlyGators" to get 20% off your order;
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  1. I've never heard of that brand before! Certainly will look them up! We love BBQ sauce!

  2. what a cute name. I have not seen this before either , I will have to go check it out.

  3. i have never heard of this but it sounds great! here in nc, we hve a lot of barbeque restaurants and my favorite is the kind that is known as "eastern nc" bbq. this sauce sounds very similiar to that.