Just a brush?

Over the last few years my hair has really decided that it’s turning frizzy and curly and I used to have pretty straight hair that would never curl so that leaves me pretty confused.   In the mornings I either have to straiten my hair or blow dry it but blow drying it seems to take forever. 

Well this week I learned I just wasn’t doing it right.  Harsh reality right? I guess so, because now I have cut the blow drying time in half rich is rather important if I want to get anything else done before the kids get up and not look like a complete slob. 

I found Brush Love who feature a BrushLab Thermal Round Hair Brush and I have to admit I really love this brush!  The flexible and 100% Nylon Bristles are heat-resistant and glide through my hair almost effortlessly. Did I mention my hair is a pain to brush sometimes?  This brush really helped ease that!  Especially when I was blow drying my hair.  You know all that hot air blowing around can really tangle up a girls hair well this helped keep it tamed down for sure. 

The BrushLab brush barrel is also thermal ceramic coated which helped evenly distribute the heat and I am a firm believer that that’s what helped dry my hair so much quicker.  Plus BrushLove states that will also helps prevent over drying which can cause damage and this girl doesn’t need to damage her hair anymore than it already is!

I really thought a brush was a brush until I used this one from BrushLove, I guess I learned something new this week!  Be sure to check them out at the following links;

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  1. I really need to know how to use these brushes! They are so cool but every time I use them my hair gets caught and tangled lol. Show me how please! :)

  2. I used one and lost a chunk of hair!! BUT this looks way diffrent!! i would be willing to try this :D thanks for sharing!!! xoxox Sara

  3. I love big round brushes!

  4. The green is pretty, I mean Im sure the brush is great and all to but gota love the green

  5. Seriously I have same issue! My hair used to be straight and wouldn't curl, now half my head is curly and it's all frizzy! Thanks for letting us know about this.