Ozeri Ceramic Knife Set

“Perfect” is not a word I use in the kitchen very often, but Ozeri has mastered a ceramic knife set that cuts absolutely perfect.

Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3 Piece Knife set just absolutely shined when I opened the package.  The knives are about as beautiful as a knife set gets.  But I guess we can’t order our kitchen materials based on just how they look right? 

The handles actually comfortable and make them super easy to use and hold.  I hate cutting up something and then my hands hurt within minutes from the grip of the knife. This is not the case with the Ozeri Elite knife set.

The blades themselves are 100% ceramic which is an eco-friendly material because with use some knifes can leave behind metal ions into your food.  These ceramic knives will not.  Then to provide long lasting guarantee, the knives are finished with a reflective black veneer.  I guess that’s why they are so pretty!  I love the way these knives shine! With the black veneer and ceramic material, these knives weigh less than half of what an equivalent metal knife would weigh. 

This 3 piece set includes a 6” Chef’s Knife, 5” Slicing Knife and a 3” Paring Knife and is pretty affordable to!  Be sure to check it out at the following link;

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  1. I love ceramic knives and this looks like a great addition to my collection!

  2. I have so many knives it's not even funny. But I always end up with so many to get the ones I actually use at the best price. & I actually use the 3 in this set so it would be perfect for me!

  3. What a beautiful knife set!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing, I really need some new knives and I think I've found them now!