ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

Fogless shower mirror; what comes to mind?  I think of a mirror backed with suction cups to hold it on the wall, then sprayed with chemicals to make it fogless that will eventually fade away over time making it one more piece of junk taking up space in my bathroom until I eventually throw it away.  Well not anymore! 

ToiletTree has mastered the Fogless Shower Mirror that is really truly fogless because instead of using the harsh (or any) chemicals they neutralize the mirror with the air temperature with an easy to fill water reservoir.  The mirror is removable from the base so you can easily fill the reservoir.  Then, not only is the mirror removable, but the frame pivots which allows it to be adjusted for me and then hubby and then back to me over and over again.  I really like using this to make sure I get all the eye make-up off my face before hopping out. 

I have established that I enjoy using the mirror but the convenience and quality is really among the best features.  I really love that there is the perfect shelf so that the razor is up and out of reach from the kids.  Plus it’s safe to leave in the shower because the acrylic mirror is shatter and rust proof!  One more thing, it comes with this cute squeegee which effortlessly wipes away the water drops keeping it clean for use after use.

ToiletTree has done it again, coming up with another wonderful bathroom product!  I can’t wait to see what else they offer and what our next featured item from them will be.  While we wait, be sure to check out the following links;
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