With a large family we have to cook a lot of sides to get through meals.  So clean-up can be just as exhausting as preparing and cooking all the food, and even more so when we have so many different left overs to store away.

A few weeks ago I seen a commercial for Wraptastic on TV and I figured, heck why not I’ll give it a try.  You know those commercials where the people are way to excited to use their product and it just seems to work way to well?  Yea, well this is one of those products that I can actually say works just that well. No I don’t get as excited as they do to wrap 5 sandwiches with the Wraptastic in the time it takes to wrap one normally. But it was just that convenient and for me, that really helps save time so I can get back to the kiddo’s. 

I especially like how the sharp cutting strip is hidden and away from touch.   Not only does it seem like I am constantly cutting myself on the boxes that plastic wrap comes in, but now I have little Mr. Maison help me get some of this clean up done without worrying or trying to rush him.  This thing was so easy, Maison could do it just as quick as I could which really helps, and I know he’s not going to cut himself.

Can I say “BUT THAT’S NOT ALL” haha those commercials really are irritating sometimes right? Well but that isn’t all because the Wraptastic isn’t just for plastic  wrap, you can use it for aluminum foil and wax paper to just by switching it out.  And for the $10.95 price tag, I would say this one is totally worth it!

Be sure to check it out and the beloved commercial at the following link;

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