Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

Most days I have trouble slowing down long enough to actually eat a plate of food and because of that I have developed a horrible habit of snacking which is ok as long as the snacks aren’t completely terrible for me right? 

Well this week I came across Boulder Canyon Natural Foods and I have to say I felt a little less guilty snacking on them last night rather than the sweet bread I made. I was sent two bags to try out the Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and the Garden Select Vegetable Crisps- Sour Cream & Chive of course. 

I was actually pretty surprised with the flavor and crisps of the Kettle Potato Chips.  As soon as I took the first bite I knew I didn’t want to share or put the bag down.  The chips were thicker than a normal potato chip and crunched a little louder.  So I poured the bag into a bowl to see just how strong they were.   There was actually very little crumbs from broken chips which is awesome.  I don’t know about you but I hate the bottom of a chip bag when all that’s left is the tiny little pieces.  These kettle cooked potato chips were awesome and I’ll be getting more in the future.

Now the Garden Select Vegetable Crisps I waited until this morning to try.  Yes its 9 AM and I’m eating chips… See it’s a problem right? Anyways, they are boldly full of delightful flavor!  Amazing!  They are also a sturdy chip with very little at the bottom of the bag which I love that alone. 

I give both of these Boulder Canyon Natural Foods an A+!  With their all natural and gluten free products they rock!  Check them out at the following links;

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers.