How do you relax in the morning?

Taking a few minutes out for yourself can be difficult with kids in the house then make that 9 kids and it can be next to impossible. So I recently called a friend who has 7 and ask “how in the world do you do it?” Her reply after she stopped laughing at me “get up two hours earlier”. Ha! Now I was the one laughing at her! Get up before the baby? Really… Well this approach has worked a few times and today is one of those times. So here I am up bright and early sitting by the pool drinking a cup of tea. Yup we have switched to tea this morning because although I love my coffee I really just need a few minutes to relax before I need my few minutes to get going. 

No k-cups or microwaved tea bags and I have learned that a good cup a tea comes from the old fashion way of making it. Tea leaves… Ok, so I may be a little out of date here this morning but I guess I had never really put much consideration into tea leaves. I had always been the type to get the 2.99 box of tea bags and call it good. Lesson learned for sure!  

EnjoyingTea recently sent me a Variety Tea Sampler and this is the good stuff for sure
But steeping tea, how do you do that? Well EnyjoingTea has these beautiful tea sets. You remember playing tea when we were little right? Ok, here are the adult versions because they are beautiful! There was so many to choose from I had to just pick one and be done with it. I chose the Elegant Flowers Tea set which is absolutely beautiful.

Did you know blue symbolizes heaven in Asian Culture so this blue flower represents heavenly beauty? Yup I have my little piece of heavenly beauty right by the pool this morning, so what more could a girl ask for?

Both of these sets are extremely affordable and the tranquil serenity they provide I recommend checking them out at the following links.

I had no idea what I was missing out on! Of course in the sampler was English Breakfast Black tea, ok the original stuff but then Strawberry Black tea, Snow Water Green Cloud Tea, Indian Mocha Chai, and Provence Rooibos. Maybe I’m sheltered (yea probably) but I had no idea there were so many different flavors of tea. The India Mocha Chai was my favorite for sure! Of course with that being said, I’m a newbie when it comes to steeping tea but they had that covered to in the Basic Tea Brewing Instructions card. Good thing they included it, I would have been completely lost or had a complete mess on my hands. Probably both now that I think about it.

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  1. I love tea, but I am with you, all I have ever done is buy a box of tea bags at the grocer. Speaking of which, have you ever tried sun tea! It is delish!!

  2. I just went to the EnjoyingTea.com website to check out the Smart Tea Maker. What a great product! I've added it to my Amazon wish list (just in case I don't win--LOL).

  3. What a beautiful tea set

  4. I'm an addict to Green Tea so the Snow Water Green Tea sounds great!

  5. This is so pretty! I started drinking tea when I got married. My husband is English and his dad got me hooked!

  6. I think I'm the lucky winner! And today is my birthday, too. Woo-hoo!