Island Waterfall Parachute Hammock

A cool splash of color is always welcome in our back yard to help brighten up our dark fence that is so desperately in need of a facelift.  But until that time comes, I just keep adding color and I can’t think of a more perfect way to do so than a beautiful hammock to rest in. 

Until recently we had one of the traditional white netted hammocks in this corner so hubby had installed a few hook bolts to put it up and take it down again easily at the end of summer.  Well this summer came and when I pulled it out of storage, the white was no longer white and it really felt unsteady to rest on.  I was not comfortable at all letting my children sit on it.  So after doing some hunting I came across NOVICA which is in association with National Geographic. 

The NOVICA store is unlike anything I have ever found before.  They have hundreds and hundreds of beautiful pieces of art and there really is something everyone can afford.  Which leads me to my hammock!  Isn’t this Island waterfall Parachute Hammock just beautiful?  I really had a hard time deciding on the color but I knew the blue was perfect for our back yard. 

Why are these called a parachute hammock?  Well at first I thought it was just because of the style right? Wrong, these are actually made out of the same compact, lightweight, soft, and sturdy material that parachutes are made out of.  I thought that was pretty cool!
Even the packaging was creative.  Look at this neat little doll on the outside of the package.  How sweet is that?!

My lesson this week is art can be in any shape or form for any type of enjoyment, such as these hammocks.  Charly is the artist who designed these wonderful hammocks that we are enjoying so much!  Here is more from him about his creations.

"It all began ten years ago, on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. While traveling with my girlfriend, we slept exclusively in traditional hammocks and, though they were comfortable, unfortunately they were heavy, hard to pack, somewhat fragile and difficult to clean. For all those reasons and many more, I decided to design a more practical type of hammock made from nylon and silk parachute material.

"Once I created the prototype, I realized just how comfortable, compact and easy to use this new hammock was. My first thought was simply to create a new type of hammock that my friends and I could enjoy. However, over the years my design has gained popularity and a devoted following. Try one and you'll soon realize just how great they are!”

 To find more from Charly and other artist featured on NOVICA check out these following links;

Website    Facebook    Twitter

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  1. this looks SO comfortable! I need to get me one!

  2. Awesome! My girls are begging for a hammock in our yard! I need this. Thank you for sharing.


  4. I want a hammock to put beside our pool.

  5. we love hammocks.we need a new one,will check them out

  6. I had a really nice hammock that I recently had to throw away unfortunately. I have just the spot for this, and would enjoy relaxing on this with a good book.

  7. would love this hamock for hot Texas summer days!

  8. i love Novica--so many beautiful and unusual items!
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  9. What a neat place to put it

  10. i also love their scarves!

    rafflecopteR: daniel