Rescue Stinky Shoes With SteriShoe

It seems like my kids go through shoes faster than any other kids on the planet! You ever have that feeling that you buy more shoes than anything else?  Sad thing is… it’s not always the fact that there are holes in them or the soles fall off, sometimes they just get so nasty smelling that there is nothing left to do other than get another pair. Especially Mr. Maison… Oh my word that child’s feet stink!

Well I was recently introduced to SteriShoe which is currently saving us a trip to the shoe store! I mean really when you spend so much money on a pair of shoes and the washer wont take the stink out what are you left to do?  So I gave them a try.

SteriShoe is an ultraviolet light which acts as a germicidal sanitizer and has actually been proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs!  This is the same UVC lamp that has been used as a germicide in hopitals and water treatment systems.    I was shocked!  Plus the SteriShoe is so easy to use!  I just plug it in and stick it in the shoe and wala!

So I did some more research on the product, what, why, and how… The SteriShoe is actually approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and kills the organisms that cause toe nail fungus, athletes food and that smelly Mr. Maison foot odor.  Its also a must have for diabetics to help beat the toe nail fungus

SteriShoe is saving a few pairs of shoes this school year and now it’s time to attack hubbies shoes!  Off we go!  Be sure to check them out at the following links;

Website               Facebook    Twitter


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Boogie Wipes for Back to School

Did you get everything on your back to school shopping list in one trip?  No? Me either but that’s ok because I keep finding more things I either want to send to the kiddo’s teachers or just that something special for their backpacks.
One of those things that’s perfect for both the teacher and the kiddo’s backpacks is Boogie Wipes.  The cute little packages are perfect for a teachers drawer.  And the easy opening top can help to quickly conquer the messy noses.
But most of all, Boogie Wipes are gentle and made with natural saline to help clean the stickiest boogies.  But last time we reviewed them, our two year old loved them so much she tried to suck on them! YUCK!!  Both the Grape and Fresh Scent smell amazing but I was glad to find some that are simply unscented.  Sure the great scents make them fun to use, but I really don’t need princess trying to use an entire package in one sitting just because she loves the way they smell. 

Made by moms and perfected for the kiddo's Boogies wipes are a must have for back to school! 
Be sure to check them out at the following links;

I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers. AlyGators is not responsible for any Giveaway items. All giveaway items will be shipped directly from the company that sponsors our giveaway.

Forget Princess Call Me Prime Minister

The shopping adventures seem to never end when it come to the kids and clothing. But with school here now I have to double down and be sure to find them the cutest outfits they will love showing off. 

Lately it seems as if online shopping is the only way to go.  Between the variety and the lack of deals at the local department stores I knew it was time to hit up some of my favorite online shops.  First stop; Handsome in Pink!

“At Handsome in Pink, our mission is to squash gender stereotypes in kids clothing.  We believe pink can be masculine, blue can be feminine, and everyone should feel empowered by what they wear.” 

And they always do just that!  This time I ordered a shirt for our little princess that says "FORGET PRINCESS, CALL ME PRIME MINISTER".  I love their variety and the way they empower beautiful little girls to be all that they can be.  

The quality of their products is also a highlight!   This isn't the first shirt we have received from them and the last one has lasted through two children, plenty of play time, and some good old fashion stains.  Their products last without developing little mysterious holes in them after just a few washes. 
  Established in 2007 they are growing faster than ever with some beautiful and adorable clothing.  I for one choose them as one of my first stop shops in children's clothing.

Be sure to check them out at the following links;
Website   Facebook

I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers. AlyGators is not responsible for any Giveaway items. All giveaway items will be shipped directly from the company that sponsors our giveaway.


Back To School Trends

Courtesy of: Retails BIG Blog

Lunch Box Treats

I really do have a hard time accepting the fact that my babies are growing up and today wasn’t any easier sending my youngest off to 2nd grade and my oldest to 4th.  Wow where has the time gone? 

Well as we approached the first day of school I had been looking for goodies to stuff their lunch boxes with  and I have found a few companies that have provided just the right treats.  One of my favorite snack companies is Newman’s Own Organics.  Oh and the kids love it to!

Newman’s Own Organics has everything from dried organic apple rings, raisins, to organic cookies!  Today I filled the kiddo’s up with their favorite Newman O’s and after school I already have some of the Dried Apples out for them. 
The raisins come in their own cute little boxes which are perfect for throwing in the lunch box quickly. And the cookies fit nicely in some little tubs I got recently at Toys R Us.  But one of my favorite products is the Alphabet cookies.  I took the time to spell out the kids name in the cookies and put them in the tubs so they can “play” a little with their food.  How fun is that right?

 Newman’s Own Organics always seem to amaze me.   Their products are of course made out of organic wheat flower and organic sugar which is a huge plus to me because that means I’m not filling them up on processed sugar and sending them back to class.  But most of all, my kids love their products regardless if it’s lunch time, after school snack time, or right before bed.  I even caught Mr. Maison with a bag when we were heading out the door yesterday.  “Can I bring these mom?”  Of course I couldn’t say no because I wanted them to! 

Thank you Newman’s Own Organics for some wonderful treats for school lunches, afterschool, and “anytime” as Mr. Maison calls it. 

Be sure to check them out at the following links;


ROWLING Jewelry Box Giveaway

Ways to earn entries:
             Visit Ebay Store (CLICK HERE) and comment with which of their product you love the most! Add them to your favorites while your there!
         Like ROWLING Facbook Page CLICK HERE

Also check out these other beautiful gift boxes!  My favorite is the Rowling Faux Leather Jewelry Box Case Box 095.  Click here! 


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Loving my Firmoo Glasses

Every now then I like to just change it up. I used to cut or color my hair and that would
cure the need for wanting a different look but since I have been trying so very hard to grow my hair out I had to find alternatives for a new look. 

One of those alternatives was a new pair of glasses and I found the perfect source at

When I finally decided on a pair, the check out process was amazing! Firmoo has it down perfectly to make sure that when you receive your glasses they fit. There was diagrams and pictures showing me how to measure my face to make sure I got it just right.  

Firmoo also has a “First Pair Free” program that everyone can jump in on! How great it is to change up your look or order a new pair of glasses for FREE! CLICK HERE

 I may look like a dork in my Firmoo Glasses but I think they’re fun plus they came with a nice hard case, bag, and the tools to tighten and loosen. These are a great set of glasses and they are very reasonably priced! Especially if your looking to “change it up”. Check them out and let me know how you change up your look.

Firmoo Links;
First Pair Free          Firmoo Website Home        Firmoo Facebook        Firmoo Twitter
Firmoo. It was actually an interesting experience browsing through their selection because I was able to upload a picture of myself and then virtually try on any pair I was interested in. There were so many different pairs to choose from I think I spent well over an hour trying them all on.  


Kanberra Gel Attacks Odor

Babies equal diapers, diapers equal stink, and stink equals a very unpleasant trash can…. That’s why a few weeks ago when I was approached to try Kanberra Gel & Kanberra Spray I figured why not?  What could it hurt?

The packaged arrived and first thing I did was spray the spray and quickly learned it’s not something you spray to smell good, its actually something you spray because it’s truly an all natural odor remover.  It doesn’t mask the odor with a floral or even “fresh” scent but eliminates the odor by attacking the bacteria. 
Kanberra products are made of an all-natural proprietary blend of pharmaceutical-grade Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Lemon-scented Tea Tree Oil (Leptospermum petersonii), which work with natural air movement to spread throughout the room and attack mold spores, bacteria, and those nasty smells.  What is really neat is the air absorbs the pharmaceutical grade oils and then as it circulates through the room the air containing the oils will land on the source of the odor such as the mold or mildew which is when it begins neutralizing and eliminating that odor. 

The Kanberra Gel comes in several different sized containers but I like the refillable pouch that you can use to refill the containers.  I placed a 4 ounce jar in the children’s closet by the trash can of dirty diapers and then a few of the one ounce jar’s in the basement.  I also keep the spray at hand for the living room, hallways and bathrooms!  I love this little green stuff!

For a complete product description please continue on.  For more information check out Kanberra Gel at the following links;

Website     Facebook    Pinterest


What is Kanberra Gel?
Kanberra Gel is an all-natural proprietary blend of pharmaceutical-grade Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Lemon-scented Tea Tree Oil (Leptospermum petersonii). When used Kanberra Gel allows the natural antiseptic properties of the oils to become airborne through an evaporative release.

Kanberra Gel, being a versatile product, is not only a solution to mold problem. Odor-causing bacteria does not discriminate when it comes to climate. Residents of desert areas who deal with dry heat find plenty of applications for Kanberra products. With the hot climate associated with living in desert areas, air conditioning is running frequently. “Bio-film” almost always forms on the air-conditioning components, more specifically the coils. This blanket of bacteria is a toxic blend of dust and bacteria juiced by the moisture from the air-conditioning system. The natural properties of Kanberra assist in breaking down that blanket and washing it away.

 For mothers with kids who play sports, Kanberra products safely and efficiently remove stubborn odors and debris from athletic gear (clothing and footwear) and equipment. They are best placed in kids’ lockers and dressing rooms, closets, on shoe racks, and anywhere odor could be an issue.

Do you have pets? Kanberra products are also effective in combating pet odors without harming your furry friends.

A large number of  people are suffering from allergies and respiratory problems. The medicinal and therapeutic properties of Kanberra products may help reduce symptoms associated with these common health problems safely and effectively.       

How does Kanberra Gel work?
At the micro-biotic level, the air itself absorbs the pharmaceutical grade oils. As the air circulates and lands on the source (the mold, mildew, etc.), Kanberra Gel begins neutralizing and eliminating problems, and associated odors, on contact. It does so naturally, with no chemicals. Most importantly, the use of Kanberra Gel acts as a preventive program against these problems for up to 45 days after there is no longer Gel in the container.

How Should I Place the Container?
The beauty of Kanberra Gel is that it can be placed anywhere, as long as you have a flat surface. If you are a new user of the product it is recommended you follow our usage modes with their approximate application times:

Shock Mode (2-3 days) – Uncap the product and place it open without the diffuser lid.

Maintenance Mode (up to 30 days) - Place the diffuser lid on the container to slow overall evaporation.

Protection Mode (30 to 90 days) – The application area is effectively 'clean' and the product will now provide airborne protection against any re-growth.

How Long Does Kanberra Gel work?
The dissipation rate for Kanberra Gel will vary by conditions. In typical applications, the Gel will take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks to completely evaporate however it will have a residual effect for up to 45 days. After this time it is recommended to replace the Kanberra Gel in order for it to continually offer protection. Various conditions will affect the dissipation rate. For example, if the Kanberra Gel is placed under a fan, the rate of evaporation will increase due to the increased air flow. In areas of heavy particulates, like cigarette smoke, heavy molds or around pets, Kanberra Gel may evaporate faster. Once the original particulates are addressed, the dissipation of Kanberra Gel should slow into what we call “Maintenance Mode”. Please refer to the Usage Chart for typical size to area recommendations.

Will Kanberra Gel Leave a Scent?
When Kanberra Gel is working all you should smell is clean air, the way Nature intended. No fragrances, no masking and no perfumes, just true fresh air. Kanberra Gel is unlike any product on the market for eliminating molds, mildew, fungi and their associated odors. Instead of masking the odors with a chemical fragrance, Kanberra Gel actually neutralizes the cause of the odors, leaving the air to return to its original fresh state.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers.

Show & Tell with Build-A-Bear Workshops

Backpacks are packed, new clothes are hanging in the closet, and open house is tonight!  Yup, we’re talking back to school.  But something I have often forgot to prepare for is “Show & Tell” and for our shy kiddo’s it can be pretty intimidating.  After all, there are a lot of adults that don’t like to talk in front of people so how can we make it easier for our kiddo’s to do the exact same thing? 

So I really started thinking about this?  What if for Show & Tell we give them something that they can really build a story around?  Something that really helps the creativity flow.  Again, I have fell back onto Build-A-Bear Workshops or some creativity and comfort for out little ones. 

Recently they Build-A-Bear Workshops came out with My Little Pony’s and I received the Princess Twilight Sparkle.  Once again I as an adult am fascinated with the bright colors and durability of their products. But our oldest princess is even more thrilled with the shimmer and glitter of her new friend.   Princess Twilight Sparkle is a great back to school gift and provides some very special comfort when our princess will need her the most. 

I love the furry friends Build-A-Bear workshop provides our kiddos because every furry friend serves a purpose.  Without falling back on the traditional teddy bear, the comfort of a stuffed animal can really ease a child through scary moments and that’s why I suggest you help your child with the first few days of school with a new furry friend of their own.  I can just hear the stories now from Show & Tell and I know Princess Twilight Sparkle will help this transition become a joyous memory and not fearful time. 

Check out Princess Twilight Sparkle and other furry friends at the following links;

Wild About Stripes Collection has just arrived! Click here!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers.


Soft Claws are awsome!

Oh my goodness you won’t believe what I just did! Basically I just put fake fingernails on my cat! Yup that’s right!!! Ok… But honestly they are called soft claws and they are awesome! 
My cat is almost 18 years old and I never had her declawed. When she was a kitten
we lived out in the country and before I knew it, it was really too late. Besides now she’s an old lady and kind of a snob so the soft claws are perfect! They are a plastic nail that goes on right over her claw kind of like how you or I would have tips put on.

The instructions say that you might need to trim up some of the claw so that they fit, but hers were perfect and I didn’t have to trim up anything. But what’s the most shocking part? Did I mention she’s a snob? Jen really does think she’s the boss of the house so I never figured she would let me put these on her. I was WRONG! She sat on my lap and purred the entire time.  

Soft claws are perfect for that “snobby kitty” or if you have kids like I do! She would never claw at one of them but with some cats you just never know. Now the one thing she does do is come sit on my lap and kneed her way into a comfy position. That tends to hurt after a few scratches and I put her on the floor. Now she can kneed all she wants because she’s not going to scratch up my legs.

Soft claws are awesome! Just ask Jen

Check them out at the following links;
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers. AlyGators is not responsible for any Giveaway items. All giveaway items will be shipped directly from the company that sponsors our giveaway. 


Purex Fels-Naptha $500 Giveaway

It wasn’t to long ago that we featured the Purex Fels-Naptha Bar in our homemade laundry soap recipe, (read that by clicking here or continue to bottom of post.) 

Fels-Naptha has been cleaning laundry for 120 years and now they have something very special for you! Through August 28th 2012, Purex and Fels-Naptha is giving away 119 Fels-Naptha Laundry bars and a grand prize of $500 Cash!!

To enter click here!

As I started laundry this morning I realized I was officially out of laundry soap but I am disgusted at the cost of everything just seems to be going up and up. Then I remembered a friend of mine telling me she makes her own and I knew it was at least worth trying. 

When we went shopping, I grabbed the box of Borax ($3.38) but forgot the washing soda so I began to do a little research and see if I could find either difference recipes or alternatives to the washing soda. What I did find out is that not only can you make your own washing soda by cooking baking soda but I already had some with our pool supplies. Washing soda is sodium carbonate the same exact pH stabilizer we use in our pool. So while we have a huge bag I understand that you may not. Find out how to make your own here. HOMEMADE WASHING SODA

So now to make your laundry soap. This does make about 5 gallons I would suggest a 5 gallon bucket.


· 1 cup Borax
· 1 cup washing soda
· 1 bar Fels Naptha soap
· One 5 Gallon bucket
· water

To start, the Fels-Naptha needs to be broken down into small pieces.  To microwave the soap, put it in a microwave safe bowl and cook it on high in 30 second intervals. After each interval, give it a quick stir or chop to help break it up. It takes about 4 minutes to get the soap broken down into small enough pieces to use. 

Once the soap is broken up, place it in a pot on the stove and add 4 cups of water. 

Cook on medium low, stirring frequently, until all of the Fels-Naptha is dissolved. This took about 10 minutes to get it all dissolved. Also if your mixture starts to foam up where it doubles in size take it off the burner. You do not want to make a mess of course.

Add the Borax and washing powder and stir until it is completely dissolved.

Pour your mixture into a 5 gallon bucket and then fill the bucket with water.  

I then filled up a smaller container out of my 5 gallon bucket to keep handy in the laundry room. Before each use, shake the container just to be sure everything is mixed well.

Use a ¼ cup of soap for each normal load.

The finished product takes on some interesting consistencies as it cools down. It goes from a floating cottage cheese like mixture to a lava lamp type one. By the time it’s cooled completely, it almost completely separates. It’s nothing a little shake won’t cure though.

While making the soap there is definitely a very strong soapy smell. My entire house smells super clean! But it’s not irritating or anything like that. Just clean :)

Febreze by Bissell

There are only a few months of the year that it’s actually comfortable to leave the windows open and let fresh air in the house. For all those other suffocating months of high temps or freezing winds I found Febreze Deodorizing Powders endorsed by BISSELL. 

The Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Carpet Deodorizing powder is a perfect scent just for summer because it’s so fresh and appealing without being overpowering.  Honey hates it when I use carpet powder and he can smell it all the way outside because it will make him sneeze and sneeze for hours!  This scent is refreshing, deodorizing, and light which is absolutely perfect. 

I simply sprinkled it on the carpet, allowed it to sit for a few minutes although that’s my own preference and not required and then vacuumed up.  The powder clings to the dirt making all those dust and dirt bunnies clump up and easier to vacuum.  This is the only deodorizing powder endorsed by BISSELL and I think it’s great! 

Be sure to check it out at the following links;

Website               Facebook       Twitter


I received this Febreze Deodorizing Powder free from BISSELL Homecare, Inc. but am under no obligation to write a review. What I’m writing here are my own opinions based on my own use of the product.


The kiddo’s came home last week with some pretty cool nightlights but after a few nights the batteries died on both of them and one of them even broke all together.  What a waste of money, even if it hadn’t broken I’m sure every parent agrees batteries can get really expensive when they need a new set every other night. 

So I started to do some looking and came across KingerGlo which is a cordless, rechargeable LED nightlight.  I love this little thing!  I ordered the Teddy Bear style but there are so many different shapes to choose from. 

Setting up the KinderGlo nightlight was super easy on the provided docking station.  The soft plastic is washable and nontoxic making the great for day and night play and the LED light never gets hot.  There are also several different settings for the KinderGlo.  You can set it to your child’s favorite color (here that is red) or you can press the light button just one time and it will change from color to color throughout use.  Then you can change the timer setting as well from a 30 minute fade out to staying on all night. 

This is a great little nightlight that is already getting a ton of use!

Want a discount?  Get free shipping with this code: CY7UOTHJB7YQ

 Be sure to check out all of the KinderGlo designs at the following links;

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers. AlyGators is not responsible for any Giveaway items. All giveaway items will be shipped directly from the company that sponsors our giveaway. 


Retropical- A Vintage inspired Summer Collection

Did you know Yves Rocher has a special limited edition summer line called Retropical.  This Vintage-inspired Summer collection has added some much color and spaz into my summer that I’m having a ton of fun with it! 

My favorite as you could all guess is the Retropical Eau De Toilette because I’m a perfume junkie and this fit right on into my collection nicely.  The bottle is beautiful and stands out from the other hundred bottles I have.  That just assures that I see it first and always think about putting it on before anything else.  The scent however is nothing to forget!  The botanical ingredients include orange, mandarin, and bergamot essential oils and they blend together perfectly for that lofting floral and fruity dream scent. 

The gloss is another favorite of mine.  Although there really wasn’t a taste to it (which is generally a good thing) I have to admit it kind of smelled like a fresh donut.  I’m not sure what to think about that except now I want a donut…. I really had fun playing with these different colors.  Usually I would think the Peach Melba would be great for me but I was rather surprised at how much I loved the bright Red Hibiscus.  After all, my skin tone is becoming darker and darker with all the time I spend in the sun, so the Red Hibiscus was perfect! 

Oh but how I love eye colors.  My grandma always told me my eyes were “pee yellow” actually she phrased it a little bit differently but you get the point.  Regardless, eye colors are one of my favorite things to apply because they can really make or break a look.  The Eye Trio made out of bamboo powder fulfilled every little bit of my desire for some fun colors!  It goes on smooth and lasted through the heat of the day so I would say another win! But let’s not forget the splash of Ultramarine Blue Mascara.  Now what would a fun colorful summer be without some daring bright blue?  I was a little nervous at first but rest assured it went on and the blue was not as vibrantly exhausting as I feared.  It was actually quite perfect. 

Eye pencils are fun no matter how you use them and the Retropical collection includes a perfectly smoothing oversized eye pencil that you can apply as kohl or eye-shadow.  I personally liked the Pink Orchid eye pencil because it is a light color I have used as a base day after day to create a very solid effect.  Along with the eye pencil is the Kohl Duo.  This is a great product because it’s two eye-liners in one pencil which really eliminates an extra pencil all together.  But yet again, the Retropical collection is full of vibrant and totally fun colors and all these fun components are included in every single piece of make up from this collection including the kohl duo. 

I had so much fun playing with all these colors.  But not only did I get to play and try new colors that I wouldn’t generally of went out on a limb and tried, I fell in love with these because they are so much fun!  This week I DARE YOU to try colors you never have before!  Try the Yves Rocher Retropical Collection, after all every girl needs to have a little fun!

Be sure to check them out at the following links;