Fiber Gourmet Snacks

Several years ago I had my gallbladder removed and eating healthy is essential to keeping my digestive system from ummm “cramping up”. Well as a busy mom I've grown custom to using coffee as my pick-me-up and to “keep me going”. But now that I've had to reduce my caffeine intake, I've been struggling with getting the fiber I need to keep myself going so I started researching fiber supplements and healthier snacks. That's how I came across Fiber Gourmet and decided to make contact with them.

I was excited with Fiber Gourmet decided to send us a case of their Cheese thinables and new Fiber Infused Toasted Wheat crackers. I'm a huge fan of Cheez-It's, and I admit it, if I'm in the snacking mood that's my cracker of choice, or was. They truly were my favorite until now. The Fiber Gourmet Cheese Thinables are even better in my opinion. They are just a tad more crunchy but packed with a lot more flavor. Plus they are HALF the calories which is a huge plus because I struggle with gaining weight when I snack. Which is why I tried to snack on Cheez-its rather than cake and brownies. The Fiber Gourmet Cheese Thinables have 11 grams of fiber in them compared to less than a gram for Cheez-its and only 60 calories compared to 140. I say that's a huge WIN!

So how do the Toasted Wheat crackers compare? Wow, even hubby loved these ones as he was eating them with his chili the other night. The kids even like both crackers and I have stuck some in the car now for longer trips and when we are busy busy. I like that I can get the Cheese Thinables in a single serving bag because with Jeramiah in wrestling he doesn't need junk food before match's and I''m packing them with a fruit cup for a snack before his meets. They really are perfect for the whole family even though I might just hoard some in my hideaway stash for myself.

I guess they'll be going on our grocery list from now on. I did see that Fiber Gourmet offers cinnamon thinables, so I'm sure I'll be grabbing a box of them next time also! I can't wait to try those!

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