"I just ate a bone"

 “I ate a bone” is what I just heard out of Miss Layla... I almost jump up to find out one where she got a bone in her breakfast and two why would she eat it?! You'll have to forgive me because my memory is less than perfect most days but I quickly remembered that I had just given them the new FunBites we received a few days ago. So the “Bone” she was talking about was one she had cut out her blueberry pancakes using the Paw Patrol FunBites.

Over the last couple of months Jeramiah and Maison have become super helpful with cooking. I love it! They have been doing really good too and even ask to cook more often than not. I think some cookbooks are in order, don't you? So anytime I can think of something super simple for them to make, why not?! They wanted pancakes for breakfast Saturday so that's what they made.

They didn't know I had the Funbites in my review box for them to test out and were super excited when I dug them out. I would say they were a hit! Miss Laya who barley eats anything anymore ate 4 pancakes just so she could keep cutting them up and dipping the “Bones”. How funny!

Even as big as the boys are getting they had fun using the Paw Patrol cutter (although I doubt they would admit it and say it was just for Layla), but FunBites also sent us a square cutter that the boys used to make little squares and dipped their squares. Oh I wish I had remembered to get sugar free syrup because the mess possibilities were endless.

I liked how easy both of the cutters were for them to use. We showed them to roll the cutter slightly over their pancake and that helped break through the thickness but the FunBites come with a punch through press that if the food gets stuck in the cutter you just press the other piece through and it pushes it right out. Super easy!
I also made some fruit roll ups Saturday so look forward to those pictures coming soon! The kids are having a lot of fun with the FunBites! And it really helped with getting our picky eater to actually eat!

Now while my kids weren't exactly the creative ones this morning, I hope to be able to use some of these to make some fruit bowls coming up!  I can't wait to share those pictures with you!    Where did I come up with that idea?  FunBites has so many creative ideas on their links especially their website and Pinterest!  Be sure to check them out below!

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  1. its great that you get your kids involved with cooking and away from electronics! So important