Arctic Cool- my babies aren't babies anymore

There are so many different clothing lines out there it's really hard to shop for the men of the house sometimes. Jeramiah and Maison aren't really babies anymore and through all their extra curricular activities plus going to work with hubby it's really starting to make me feel old. But the shopping must continue so this week I gave Jeramiah a tank top from Arctic Cool as it's super cold outside and usually pretty warm inside at the gym or during sports practices. I worry about him sweating too much and then going outside and getting sick because he's still wet from the gym but these shirts seem to do just the trick!

Arctic Cool products are made with an instant activation hydro freeze technology. As he starts to sweat, the Hydro Freeze X starts to work instantly wicking the moisture away from your skin. I thought that was pretty neat. Jeramiah likes how slick the material is and says it moves well with him when hes working out.

 While hubby originally got the long sleeve shirt Mr.  Maison is a way cuter model!  Love these boys and all the silliness I put them through! 

Now I gave hubby one of the long sleeve shirts as he works outside and in the mornings we have been starting out around the 20's and then it can get up to the 60's by the afternoon. Gotta love Missouri weather.
 I swear he goes through clothing faster than I can get to the store to get it! He's had a few chances to wear it as I've been completely under the weather and when the package from Artic Cool came in the boys tore right into it. So..... about a month later, it appears to be holding up pretty well. In my opinion that makes it one of my favorite shirts for him but he says he likes how breathable it is, how easy it is to wear under other clothing, and it keeps him dry. Again my primary purpose to getting the shirts was to keep both of them dry, especially him since he's working out in this crazy weather!

Picture courtesy of Arctic Cool 

Another product we received that hasn't gotten much attention in the house is the running shorts. I guess mom failed on that one as they are true traditional running shorts, meaning the length on them isn't “Jr. High cool”. That's OK little man, I'll snatch them up after this baby is born. I love the built in liner in them and the length is perfect for me! I also love the material they are made out of and I hate sweating so I can't wait until I can fit into these shorts because they will be perfect to help me get into my pre-baby clothes!

Last but not least, the towel! Jeramiah thinks it's so cool to have a towel when he's working out but he would at 14.... But it's super light weight, and the mesh material absorbs all the stinky sweat. Plus if he gets too hot he can get the towel damp and the hydroFreeze Technology kicks in with the mesh design allowing it to cool him down faster than just a regular towel that you would find at the gym.

The Arctic Cool products were a hit at our house! But now there's so many more we want to try! Who knows what mom will order next! New Years Resolutions are just around the corner and what would be perfect than new workout gear! Check them out at the following links;

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