Etched Glass DIY with Ozeri Serafino Double-Wall Thermo Glasses

I honestly love crafting and love learning on new projects even more, but I'm pretty sure one project I won't try again is etched wine glasses.... The curve in the glass has driven me just about crazy and I have had lots and lots of trial and errors... What I have learned with etched glass is just make life simple and find something flat! That's after about 20 wine glasses in the trash. Oh my....

Hubby loves these glasses we got from Ozeri. They are “Serafino Double-wall Thermo Glasses”. He thought they looked pretty cool and I thought they were neat because they are heat resistant, freezer, microwave, and oven safe. Oh and shatter resistant, lets not forget that with 3 very “graceful” children in the house!

With all the glass etching I've been doing hubby requested I put “Mom” and “Dad” on these two cups. Maybe a soft attempt at preventing the kids from stealing these ones? But the tops are much more straight than the wine glasses, I figured why not.

First I cleaned the cups with some rubbing alcohol and applied my vinyl design I cut with my Cameo 3. I love that machine!! After I got the design applied and all the bubbles worked out I used some masking tape to protect the rest of the cup. The etching cream is extremely potent and I've noticed the fumes even etching around the glass. Note the trial and error......

Once the rest of the cups were protected, I dabbed the etching cream to the showing glass from my design. After a couple minutes I moved the cream around to enhance the etch but I have noticed it doesn't really matter if you leave the cream on 5 minutes as directed or 25 minutes the etch is basically the same.

After The cream had some time to work its magic, I took it to the sink and rinsed with warm water in addition to using a cloth to wipe away any excess cream. Again trial and error and several wasted glasses. Make sure you wipe away as your rinsing but still be cautious not to get any cream on your skin. It's extremely hazardous and even warns to utilize protective clothing (gloves) while using the cream.
When the glasses are wet the etched design is barley visible. I gave them a good dry and BAM there it is!

Next thing I need to learn... How to take better pictures of glass.  Sorry these kinda bite!  I'm still learning though just as we all do!

These glasses from Ozeri were perfect to personalize! They're so unique and different than what you usually see in the store. I love the hand blown glass design and the double-wall design is great for hot drinks! While I won't be doing any more wine glasses for awhile.... I would love to do some more glasses like these! Check them out on the following links below;

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  1. Those glasses are pretty neat and would make a great wedding gift for my daughter!

  2. These are neat glasses!