It's like she knew it was for her! Tally's latest package from

It's like she knew it was for her!

So the funniest thing happened the other day. I wasn't feeling well and although I knew there was a delivery truck that stopped by the house I was yet to get up and get the package left at the door. So when hubby got home he grabbed it and carried it in as he said his hello's and gave hugs and kisses. Tally was right on the back of his feet waiting for him to sit down with that little blue and brown box from It's like she knew it was for her!

This month we ordered Merrick FreshKisses Double-Brush Mint Breath Strips Large Grain-Free Dental DogTreats. Well as you can see Tally was super excited! Daddy might have even gave her two! Now while she doesn't always have horrible doggy breath, she is getting older and keeping her teeth healthy are a huge part of keeping her healthy! These dental dog treats are made with alfalfa extract and natural spearmint oil which I could actually smell just when I opened the package. But the ingredients are designed to help keep her teeth clean, fight the plaque and tarter and of course the little green breath strip pieces throughout the treat keep her breath fresh!

Well there's no denying that Tally loves these Fresh Kisses Double-Brush Mint treats by Merrick but here's what says about them;

"Key Benefits

Helps clean teeth, fight plaque and tartar, and freshen doggy breath with unique shape and natural formula.
Designed with a double-brush action to get in between teeth and help keep them clean with every bite.
Infused with breath strip pieces throughout that are made with all natural spearmint oil to keep breath even fresher.
It’s easily digestible since it’s made with natural peas, alfalfa, tapioca and gelatin, with no potatoes or grains.
Sized for large dogs that are over 50 pounds, and are made in the USA with no grains, gluten, corn, soy, or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives." (

Be sure to check them out on where you can get an auto-ship discount and of course free shipping over $49!  


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