Queasy Drops? Yes please!

“Not in anyone's wildest dreams” was my reply to hubby earlier when he popped off “pregnant forever and ever”. HAHA! He's CRAZY!!!! Today we officially hit 35 weeks! I feel like there's officially light at the end of the tunnel. Sweet baby kisses, warm snuggles, soft lullaby's, and maybe just maybe I can start to feel human again.... I know it's been awhile since I had the Jeramiah and Maison but this pregnancy definitely seems to be the hardest.

Among all the other delightful symptoms of being pregnant the morning sickness (which is more like all day) never went away! Now it's not every single day but still several times a week. Of course my doctor was able to give me a prescription to help but that makes me so tired I can't even function and not just while taking it but for the following day as well.

I started doing some digging, I know a little late in the game, and came across Queasy Pops and Preggie PopDrops, both made by Three Lollies.

Now I'm not a doctor, nor have I really studied how essential oils work but the Queasy Pops are made out of Dried Cane Syrup, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural flavors (the essential oils) and natural colors. Although I don't really understand HOW they work, I can tell you they have already helped settle my stomach a couple of different times. I can usually feel the vomiting coming on and goodness knows if I eat any amount more than a 2 year old it's there without a doubt, the Queasy Drops have helped ease the roller- coaster feeling in my stomach.

I ordered a variety pack and found the Cola to be my favorite flavor!

The Preggie Pop Drops are the same concept to help with morning sickness but as also noted on Three Lollies website they can help with dry mouth and “provide a nice energy boost”. I also ordered a variety pack of the Preggie Pop Drops, which are going in my hospital bag, and my favorite flavor of them is the Sour Tangerine! Oh my goodness it's like the perfect hard candy!

What does Three Lollies say about their pops?
“What's in Preggie Pops and how do they work?
Childbirth educators have historically recommended sour flavored pops for labor because they were perceived to be less likely to exacerbate queasy stomachs. Lavender has been widely used in aroma therapy for relaxation and sometimes for upset stomach as well. Mint has long been used in both oral and aroma therapies for upset tummies. Ginger is an ancient remedy for tummy troubles and research shows that mint has been used for over a hundred years.
We use the natural essences from these sources to flavor our Preggie Pops. For nausea caused by hypoglycemia, even the sugar and brown rice syrup in our pops can be effective. In fact even the mode of delivery is therapeutic as only a small amount is delivered to the stomach at a time. So, part of why Preggie Pops work rests on where your morning sickness is coming from, which is still rather poorly understood. The overwhelming response from our customers is that our special formulation does work for most women.
In development of our Preggie Pops we also incorporated what women requested or recommended. Our pops are for both labor and morning sickness and we have tried to address each phase with specific flavors. However, our customers report using all flavors with success for both labor and morning sickness.
Preggie Pops use only natural flavors and colors and there are no medications to interfere with other therapies or complicate your pregnancy.
In summary: Our Preggie Pops work by a combination of:

  • Specific essential oils flavors known to help stomach problems
  • Aromatherapy
  • Mode of delivery
  • Sugars to combat hypoglycemic queasy stomach
  • And, they are safe because they are all natural” (Three Lollies)

Do yourself a favor!  Check them out, pregnant or not, the dose of sugar and the natural flavoring can ease some belly troubles!   Also on their website they offer a monthly giveaway!  Can't hurt to enter can it?


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  1. These sound really good!

  2. I could have totally used these when I was pregnant!