Avoid the mass jewelry stores and shop with meaning- Waxing Poetic

There's no denying I love shopping. Duh! I love shopping for the kids, hubby, and for the house and every now and then, I enjoy getting a little something for me too. But when it comes to me, I don't really need a whole lot so a little self pampering is generally where I turn.

I recently decided it was time for a new necklace. It's been a really long time since I've found one that I like and one that's different from what everyone else is wearing. I'm sorry, I just don't like running into someone and they have the same clothes or jewelry as me. But then again, who does?

One of the companies I recently came across with some really unique pieces is Waxing Poetic. Sure I could go to a mass jewelry store to get a new piece but when I come across small companies like Waxing Poetic, the pieces are more memorable because they have a story and a purpose. I'm a firm believer in shopping at companies with a purpose rather than getting the rich man richer.

Waxing Poetic creations are based on the old time fashion of a personal wax seal, you know like the ones used as a signature or on envelopes.  I bet my kids wouldn't have a clue what I'm talking about.  It's just that special personalized touch that we've lost over time. 

According to the philosophy of Waxing Poetic, most of their jewelry is made in Bali, Indonesia “one of the only regions today that makes a worthy living of ancient crafts and traditions like silversmithing” (waxing poetic). The facility used to make some of the Waxing Poetic jewelry has been around for over 20 years and of the 125 employees that work there many of them have been there over 10 years.  I can't really think of a whole lot of companies around here that keep employees that long. 

(Waxing Poetic)

Why do they stay around for so long? It appears they are very well cross trained to not only help each other in times of need such as illness or religious holidays but then if an employee wants to take some work home for extra income or a mother would like to work from home, they are able to.  Those are special attributes that you don't find in the mass jewelry stores.  

Waxing Poetic values it's employees and that's obvious but they also value the quality of their pieces. “Human touch and craftsmanship will always be what we value most. Skill sets are prioritized and cultivated, and every stage is carried by human hands” (Waxing Poetic)

Now with all this being said, you can see why it's important for me to shop outside of the mass jewelry stores. Companies have stories and stories of passion produce skill and a quality that's hard to find in pieces that are just mass produced by the thousands.

I ordered the Waxy Double HeartNecklace from Waxing Poetic and I just love it! On an 18” Sterling Silver Minuet chain the two hearts paired on a single link settle gracefully with each other. I don't like big bulky jewelry and these hearts are about the size of my thumbnail which is absolutely perfect. You can see the hand carving throughout the hearts in great detail.

  Then there's the chain. I don't think I've ever owned a chain  that was so dainty and fashionable but created with such perfect links.  I also love the beads that are spaced perfectly throughout the chain because they are so different for a chain of this quality.  They are rare.  Usually when a chain has added flair its big, bulky, and not very attractive.  This piece, the Waxy Double
Heart Necklace, is just beautiful and I'll definitely be ordering from Waxing Poetic again.

Waxing Poetic offers so many different pieces and even some for men as well. If your looking for a gift that truly symbolizes quality and passion you need to check them out. Avoid the mass retailers and shop with meaning!

We received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for an honest and non-biased review. While we have been compensated for our review with the product, our reviews our our own opinion based on our personal experience and realize our experiences may be different than our readers.  


  1. Looks lovely and I had never heard of this brand! Will investigate it! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. That necklace is so pretty! I'll be checking them out! Thanks