baby dee dee Booties- Past kicking & fussing they stay on!

Baby Kolton sporting 0-3 mo
Babydeedee Booties which
fit him perfectly!
"Baby booties are so cute they just never stay on..." my mom said as I was showing her these adorable booties from baby dee dee for Kolton.  I laughed a little and told her that's why these ones were different because they buttoned.

Baby products have changed so much over the last couple of years, especially since I had Maison almost 13 years ago.  So when I came across baby dee dee, I knew they were something we had to try!  

Yes, they are as soft as they look!  The Faux Fur Sherpa material on the outside is one of the softest materials I have ever felt!  

The inside is a comfy jersey cotton that is also  soft but not difficult to slide baby Kolton's feet into like most baby shoes.  But these booties open up with a snap design that includes two buttons making them tighter or looser.  The buttons combined with the small elastic in the back make these booties stay on!  Yup, that's why I wanted to try the baby dee dee booties so bad!  They stay on!  Past the kicking and fussing, and rutting around, the booties really do stay on!  

Now while I realize Kolton won't be up and running around in the next 3 months, (that's the size I ordered him), but all of the baby dee dee booties have non-skid bottoms and a padded sole for not only comfort but safety.  So when I go back and order him bigger pairs, I know he will be able to wear them safely around the house without slipping, sliding, and falling on the hard floor.  

These booties are a must have!  I love the quality of the materials used, the fact that they do indeed stay on, and they are safe for little ones learning to walk.  
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