Kicking the kids outside w/ GoSports Cornhole Set

As I look out the window I have to wonder where those nice spring days are. We hit 70 over the weekend and yet again its 32 degrees out now. Wow, I thought spring was here? Where did it go?

I've really been trying to find the kids more things to do outside and hope before summer get's here to have a complete list of outdoor activities to keep everyone's kiddos busy during spring break. Goals!

Last week we received a Solid WoodCornhole set from GoSports. The two 4' x2' boards (regulation size) made up a pretty big box so I had the boys set it in the garage until the weather warmed up thinking they would need to put it together before playing with it. Finally.... I let them tear into the box and was really surprised to find it already put together in a really tough carrying case. I was shocked there was no assembly required and they were already outside playing!

So I was pretty impressed with the design of the cornhole set being 100% wood and the surfaces are made of a beautiful oak that although it has the American Flag graphics, its done in a vintage style which still allows the woodgrain to show through. I love that because I truly love wooden products. (Remember I'm a crafter) The legs also fold up pretty easily. Easy enough that Jeramiah was able to put the set away himself (considering everyone else left him anyways...).

Now I know Cornhole is truly a two person game, but we have a lot of BBQ's and swim parties over the summer, which means extra people and extra kids. GoSports sends 8 all-weather regulation bean bags but they also have additional sets available on Amazon. I'm planning on ordering some more before our next BBQ to allow more kiddo's (or the adults) to play at the same time. It's not like they really truly follow the rules that came with it anyways.

The verdict is... GoSports has a top of the line, regulation Cornhole set that's about half the price of other regulation wooden sets and the kids loved it! Heck hubby even got out there a couple of times and played a few games with them. I'm not to great on my feet lately, 5 days until baby! But I can't wait! I love being outside with the family.

Check out GoSports and all their outdoor activities at the following links

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  1. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun! We need to get a cornhole set!

  2. Cornhole is so much fun, and that looks like a great price! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll have to check it out!

  3. Such a fun game! Perfect for a party or BBQ! Thanks for sharing! Xo - Kam

  4. I love this game. I hope the kids enjoy their set and it keeps them off video games for a little while.

    Mike Reid

  5. I love this article. Kids should spend as much time as it's possible outside. Nowadays, it's a bit difficult to make them leave computers and smartphones. Great job! :)

  6. I've played cornwhole once and it was so much fun! It's perfect for summer time cookouts!