Kyocera Sonic Wave Sharpener

Knives, scissors, blender blades, carving tools, fishing hooks and pruning shears. What do they all have in common? They can be sharpened by the Sonic Wave battery operated sharpener, which is why we're giving it a try. I love ordering tools that have so many different uses! Multi-use tools just save so much room, money, and are so convenient!

When we received the Sonic Wave Sharpener, hubby took off with it right away. Figures.... But there he was first sharpening his pocket knifes, then a couple work knives. I've caught him using it several times since we received it and I'm so glad it's going to be a tool that he continues to use rather than just sitting in a box somewhere.

Between hubby and the boys, they have so many different knives for hunting, fishing, work, and other recreational activities it's ridiculous! Maybe it's a man thing, I dunno! Jeramiah says “because when they get dull we need a new one”. Maison I think just likes collecting things. And hubby... Ok, I do understand he loses them occasionally and needs a new one for work and then WAM the old one is found again. Well boys, now you can sharpen the ones you have and don't have to buy anymore!

I'm completely comfortable with both boys using this hand held Sonic Wave Sharpener. As long as they leave the attachment on it, there's a clear guiding guard that prevents the knife from slipping out of control.

I like how easy it is for me to hold it and I can use it on my crafting scissors and garden tools. The button is easy for me to turn it on one handed while holding my tools in the other hand. The Sonic Wave Sharpener really is easy to use, even for me.

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